If after Charlie had inherited the Chocolate Factory imagine Willy Wonka had spent a lost weekend in Amsterdam and contracted one or more communicable diseases, what would have transpired? I suggest that in his compromised state, he would  employ the artistic talents of R. Crumb and Fantagraphics and the writing talents of a  privileged 14 year old boy circa 1987 and Da Da!...you would have Superjail! This is not so much the thinking man's comedy as it is the artists blank canvass. And that's the appeal. While most shows concentrate on a balance of visual viscosity and written artistry, this show does nothing of the sort.  Instead,  it takes it's talent and forms it into aluminum knitting needles aimed for the eyes. The art is the spearhead that protrudes and provokes the story. It's an asylum run by the insane with varying agendas to house the ultra-violent and serve as fodder for a variety of unspeakable experiments. In other words, it's like nothing you have ever experienced in any adult-swim format but retains a quality that is still vaguely familiar.  Like a Green Day song.

Where Did This Come From?

Superjail! is like an all-star team in the adult-swim leagues.  I guarantee that if you go to the Augenblick Studios website and check out their past projects you will recognize the contributions they have made to a the animated world at large.  My favorite is in the episodes of Wonder Showzen.  It was the kind of show I would have to watch late at night with the wife and kids sleeping and with the volume turned down like I was watching a pornographic feature.  In other words, it is a guilty pleasure that you share with only the closest of friends. If your Mom walks into the room, quickly change the channel!

What Can You Expect?

Leave your expectations at the door.  Expectations, like traveling to a foreign country, will kill the experience.  While most animated shows borrow from the heavily leveraged situation/comedy format, Superjail! is more a screwball comedy seen through the lenses of a bloody kaleidoscope.  Or An animated mural powered by a V-8 big block engine huffing gold paint for the past 3 days.

The Main Characters:

Voiced by David Wain
Alice Voiced By Christy Karacas
Jared Voiced By Tom Thumb
The Twins Voiced by Richard Mathar

My Favorite Episode:

Reasonably you could make a case for any episode, but my favorite is the pilot entitled "Bunny Love".  Basically, The Warden plans to dress the prisoners in bunny suits, but the Twins interfere with the purchase order, making half of the order wolf suits.  This episode really primes you for the rest of the season and sets the bar for preparing you for the insanity to come.  And I mean that in a good way.

Why You Should Watch It:

There's a reason your video game of choice is GTA IV and your High School Class voted you the "Most Likely to Assassinate A President".

Program Particulars:

Having finished their first season, We are still awaiting to see if they get secured for a second one.  Please contact you local cable provider and/or Cartoon Network to support our generations art endowments. Look for it on Cartoon Network. (15-Minute Episodes)

Exclusive Creator Interviews:

Look for my exclusive interviews with both co-creator Christy Karacas and the lead animator Kristofer Wollinger.