Last year at Outside Lands Music Festival up in the bay, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady named Nataly Lola. As fate would have it, she was more than that chick that was hanging with the Portugal. The Man dudes, and was on her separate path of music badassness.

Time passed, and singer/songwriter/guitarist/contortionist Nataly would come to record an album on Harvest Road Music; where she would stage her complete domination of the contemporary adult music world. Her self-titled album just dropped, and I had a plethora of great points to get you hyped before you cop yours.

The first thing I thought when listening to the album was “damn, she’s like a good Jessica Simpson”, and I dare you not to think the same. She hits notes beautifully, holding them without wavering, while strumming away at her guitar. Also, the band is quite polished as well, with some of the most finely clipped notes I’ve heard in quite a while on an album of this caliber.

Theme wise, it’s a love/hate story, but told in a fresh way (albeit not too fresh for hearing on the radio). I think the second track; Meet Me at Midnight could have EASILY been on the Sex in the City 2 soundtrack, with its sultry Middle Eastern instruments to compliment the upbeat sounds. Ever Since and Cryin’ Shame reigned supreme as my favorite tracks instrumentally, while Daddy’s Shotgun was my overall favorite. As you all know, I’m a sucker for bass, and this one had me hooked.

I see big things in the feature of this bombshell, and if things go the same way they did when I called that Letron was gonna blow up, then we’ll be hearing more from Nataly VERY soon.

But don’t take my word for it; go get yourself a copy over at her website!

Until next time my friends, ~Flak