In the 90s Lucasarts had hit after hit and The Secret of Monkey Island was arguably they best. Guybush Threepwood returns along with everyone else in the original game. All they did was update the graphics, add voices,change the HUD, and gameplay. The story is the same and the jokes are all intact. One of the cool features is that you can switch between the new version and the old version on the fly. Yeah that was then. We need an upgrade.

The graphics is the first thing you notice. The art style is a lot like the Escape From Monkey Island but not at the same time. The character models are the same but a little bit more shell shaded. It looks like a beautiful art game. The water looks like a painting. The are few close ups on characters during the game and they don't animate the lips. It's a little weird some of the time but not enough to be a distraction.

You are embarking on the same adventure you did when you had to run it on floppies that you bought in a store. I know that's ancient. The characters are updated with the voices that were hired for the more recent release Escape From Monkey Island that was playable for the last generation of consoles. It really brings the characters to life. Besides who reads in video games any more? Who reads any more for that matter? The voices make the game pop. The delivery is spot on and breathes life into the old lines.

Ooooh they have definition and shadows it's so new and modern.

Old schoolers will not like that the gameplay is changed. I think it was a necessary update for the market today. Kids wouldn't even begin to know what to do with the old interface. Did they update it perfectly? No I think they could have made it so much better. They just took away the actions that were always on the screen and added them to a drop down menu attached to a shoulder button. It was a nice attempt but you still play the game the same way.

Who knows why people don't make games like this any more I think it is a great system. Yes it's not intensely action packed and it is very linear. The joy you get from solving a puzzle and hearing a new line of dialogue can't be matched in any Grand Theft Auto game. Well okay bad example you get to drive a tank in GTA3...and the bank robbery in GTA4 was amazing. It's hilarious and you instantly love all the characters. The replay value of this game is directly related to the characters and dialogue options.

The price tag is 800 points and that might be the deal breaker. It is the same game so if you haven't played it get it. If you have then just get the demo and look how pretty it is for the small amount of time you have.