Looks Can Be DeceivingI write this review as a warning.  While normally, I don't bother to write bad reviews for games, I feel this one is important.   For example, you can't feed gamers McDonald's and tell them it's Spago, we're not that stupid. Especially when we've had reservations for this newest Wolfenstein for almost 8 years.  I would normally not give such explicit details about a game until I warned them of possible spoilers;  but this game HAS NO SPOILERS to further ruin the experience so:  The bottom line is you can't half-ass a beloved and revered IP's without expecting a backlash. With that said, it appears publisher Activision may have learned a few of EA's tricks over the years.  Give'em something pretty that has no replay value and hype the shit out of it.  Like cheap bookies, they seems to be playing the numbers and taking in as many suckers as they can accommodate.  As if P.T. Barnum was alive and well and running a software company.   In other words;  A piss-poor way to run any entertainment company.

Meanwhile Raven Software seems to be suffering from having way too much on it's calendar of upcoming titles and spreading the "talent" paper thin.  You had the X-Men Origins: Wolverine released earlier this year, the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Singularity slated for 2010. 

It is possible to honor the retro gameplay without being repetitive.  But this game borrows none of the lessons of the most recent Bionic Commando, or other great remakes.  It squarely sinks it's hip-boots into the past, never questioning the tried and true formula and by doing so, delivers a predictable, stale game that only a young (mentally impaired) child could enjoy.

Gameplay: 4

Re-spawning enemies,  a narrow and crowded "open world', smashing crates (with nothing in them) , endless looped chatter (If I hear, "I need suppressive fire!" one more time...).  This is great stuff, if we were talking about an late Xbox or early  Xbox 360 release.  But, between these oldies and load times, this game had little chance to succeed.  At least nowhere near where the publishers would have desired. It's like watching one of the ABC's Home Makeover Show's, only without the energy or enthusiasm of the lobotomized hosts.

Let me spell it out for you;  You walk and shoot Nazi's.  You can optionally use an occult item (The Veil) to view and discover wall openings for gold  and intelligence.  The intelligence is nearly worthless as you read transcript after transcript of actors who learned their accents from watching Hogan's Heroes.  And the gold allows you to purchase upgrades from a small and un-impressive arsenal.  The Veil feels like it was tacked on and provides too little in a game where you could simply blast the inept AI soldiers to shreds.

Sound: 3

I have heard the looped chatter, the stale gunfire and soundtrack in every other war game.

Graphics: 5

Running on the old Quake IV engine and charging 60 bucks is a brass balls move.  Having played Batman: Arkham Asylum for nearly 2 solid weeks previously,  I had little patience for the game's lackluster mechanics.  But later, I played a hugely inferior game called Darkest of Days, and even under these horrendous conditions,  Wolfenstein seemed to hold it's own for only an hour or so.

Value: 3

The single player is a 4 at best.  The multiplayer has only 3 modes Team Deathmatch, Objective, and Stopwatch.  Whereas the original had the cutting edge multi-player of it's day, this one is slow to load and easy to forget.  Confined environments and limited  upgrades;  This is progress?!

Overall: 4

It appears to me that Activision was trying to sneak this one past the public and garnish sales BEFORE the big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Very sad and very predictable but this is no way to sell games. Even rushed, crappy imitations  of the original like this.