Supernatural Season Four Promo
The hit CW show, Supernatural, has proved in its three and a half years on the air that no matter what hell may come, it can kick ass and take names. Originally aired on the former WB on September 13, 2005, Supernatural not only had to go up against the teen driven dramas such as Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, but it also had to go up against the already established science fiction dramas, Charmed and Smallville. However, the season one ratings for Supernatural were favorable enough for the new CW to bring it along as part of the new network's line up.

Supernatural's creator and executive producer, Eric Kripke, came up with the very idea that is the core of Supernatural: two brothers travelling along Route 66 and hunting evil along the way, but the concept goes way beyond that. Kripke's idea also involved urban legends collected from all over the United States. These stories are pretty much universal so there's something for everyone. From Bloody Mary to Hell Hounds, these stories take you back to your childhood where you had your parents check under your bed for monsters before tucking you in at night and you'll love every minute of it.

Supernatural had its ups and downs very early on. By the middle of the second season, rumors began circulating that the CW President of Entertainment, She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named Dawn Ostroff, was not happy with Supernatural's demographic which are largely made up of females, ages 14-45, when the targeted demographic was males ages 13-25. It was also rumored that Ostroff did not care for the show and tried to tank it on purpose, favoring to promote shows such as One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, and the new horror comedy, Reaper (which was so similar to Supernatural in its premise that it's not even funny.)

 Not knowing the fate of the show, executive producer Eric Kripke and his writing team, wrote the season finale as if it was the series finale and the fandom waited with baited breath for the Paley Film Festival in which The CW announced the season three renewal for Supernatural.

Supernatural Episode Still - Monster Movie 4.5

However, if you ask any hard core Supernatural fan what they think contributes to the success of the show, and depending on which demographic you ask, they would mention the two very attractive actors who play brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester. The male demographic would mention the caliber of acting and bad ass attitude; while the female demographic would gush about just how hot, hot, hot the two young actors are. However, no show can survive on the pretty alone.

Eric Kripke is a creative genius and the first and second seasons are the proof in the pudding. Season one introduced us to the Winchesters and the reason behind why they were raised as hunters of evil. As they search for their father, they fight vengeful spirits, demons, vampires, crazy humans and many more things that go bump in the night. At first look, this season is pretty awesome with gripping episodes such as Bloody Mary, dealing with a vengeful spirit who can see your deepest secrets and turn them against you; The Benders, crazy humans who hunt other humans plus the best line - "Demons I get. People are crazy"; and Devil's Trap, setting the stage for the showdown between the brothers and the Yellow Eyed Demon; but it also had some dogs such as Bugs, an ancient Indian curse on the land owned by a greedy real estate developer; and Route 666, killer monster truck - good, racial discrimination and gratuitous sex scene - bad. If you're not in love with show after viewing its first season then you will probably never get into this show.

Season two was just as awesome as season one. Its premiere episode, In My Time of Dying, left you emotionally raw no matter if you're male or female. This season had its roller coaster moments, secrets were told and revealed but it kept you hooked from episode to episode. As mentioned before, Eric Kripke wrote the season finale as the series finale which worked whether it got dropped or picked back up. Fans have said that season two is their favorite season which isn't surprising. The writing was solid and the direction kept you hooked and screaming for more. Also, it delved deeper into Dean's wounded psyche by dealing with John's deal with the Yellow Eyed Demon to save Dean from dying to finally revealing to Sam the secret John kept from him.

Season three was cut short due to the WGA writer's strike but had some good episodes. It was also controversial because they introduced two new reoccurring female characters. Rumors that She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named wanted to beef up the male viewership and what could do that better than adding some "fluff" and so, Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohen were added to the lineup as sassy Ruby and cunning Bella. The character of Ruby actually became a female fan favorite due to her character is crucial to moving the story line forward whereas Bella's character was bumped off as quickly as it was created.

Season four started out well yet feelings of nostalgia for the first two seasons keep creeping in. This season has really showcased Jensen Ackles' acting abilities whereas Jared Padalecki is just along for the ride. However, we're only halfway through the season and I think there is going to be more secrets revealed and more shocks ahead. Kripke and his team have not lost the irony that "jumping the shark" is almost inevitable and have even named an upcoming episode Jumping the Shark.

Is it too late to jump on the Supernatural bandwagon? Absolutely not. Even if you don't have time to watch the past 74 episodes, with a little bit of recapping on the highlights, you can catch up in no time. Supernatural will break their five week hiatus next Thursday, March 12 at 9 PM on The CW right after Smallville. It's also been confirmed that Supernatural has been renewed for a fifth season.  So, who knows? You could be a fan in no time. Hey! If my mom can become a fan then anyone can. But then again, chewing her ear off about Supernatural 24/7 for three years may have had something to do with her conversion.