So what's your guess? I doubt you'll guess it, since you've never seen the show. Ready? Groovy. The best show you never saw is Sports Night, which aired on ABC for two seasons.  After just two short seasons, Sports Night won several awards, including two Emmy's (believe it or not).  It ended with a bang, and I highly recommend you pick up the DVD set, and watch it the entire way through.  Several times.

The Best Show You Never Saw

Sports Night is an extremely witty show, with great writing, great dialogue, and amazing acting.  There isn't one actor that wasn't perfect for the role they portrayed, and rarely will you find a dull moment in an episode.  As the audience, we see the show as it is being produced, and we also find out quite a lot about each character's off-air personality.  The comedy can be dark, at times, with believable drama sequences that flow in-and-out with the humor.  At times, I really couldn't tell if these were actors, or actual people working on a show...the chemistry was really that beautiful.  Kind of like when good friends talk, and they finish each others sentences...except unlike you and your friends, these people are funny.

Most certainly a satire of the hit show, Sports Center, on ESPN, Sports Night just never had the right audience on ABC for the show to really take off.

ESPN's Sports Center

In the first season, they tried out a laugh track for the show, which was super fucking lame, as you could imagine.  I guess some douchebag at ABC decided to wise up, and they pulled it from the start of the second season.  The lead anchors were played by Josh Charles (Dan Rydell) & Peter Krause (Casey McCall).  Charles' character was the smug, cocky guy that had a good heart deep down, and Krause's character was more on the serious side, but he could have a good time with the proper motivation.

There was always some underlying sexual tension with their boss, played by the super-sexy Felicity HuffmanHuffman played the character of Dana Whitaker, the show's Executive Producer.  The romantic scenes between Krause & Huffman were never over-the-top.  The romance would occasionally get a bit mushy between Associate Producers Natalie Hurley and Jeremy Goodwin (played by cute & bubbly Sabrina Lloyd, and nerdy Joshua Malina, respectively), but you deal with that because of how fucking hilarious Malina's character is.

In fact, my most vivid memory of the show is Malina's character shooting milk out of his nose.  It was simply priceless.

I want you to watch this show.  Go watch this show.  Rent it, buy it, whatever.  But do yourself (and me) a favor, and watch it.  Even if you hate sports, you will love Sports Night.