summer_heights_highDamn Australia!  What’s in the fucking water over there and how do I get a case of it?!  If I’m not being clear, I am continually impressed…pissed at how damned good Aussie actors are.  UGH!  Summer Heights High is so ridiculously funny, I watched it all in one sitting.  HBO picked it up after it aired on Australian prime time and I cannot believe how offensively fabulous it is.  If Christopher Guest, Tracy Ullman and Sacha Baron Cohen got together to create a series…It might not even be this funny… BASIC PREMISE Summer Heights High in Australia has a dramatic term hosting three characters, Mr. G the Theatre teacher, Ja’mie King the Private school exchange student and Jonah Takalua, a troubled student in his third school in 18 months make this Mockumentary brilliant.  Each of these characters is played by Chris Lilley who manages to make each character distinct and hysterical while the rest of the supporting cast assist him in forwarding a seemingly simple story made utterly ridiculously funny.

CAST AP on TV Chris LilleyJa’mie : A private school exchange student who’s ambition is shadowed only by her raging selfishness and uber-bitchiness.  Yeah, we all knew one of these and sadly, might still know one now. Favorite Quotes: “I’d rather be a Pedophile than a Lesbian” "Wife-beaters and Rapists are mostly public school educated, sorry, no offense but its true"
mrg_3Mr. G: Christopher guest did it first, but Chris Lilley did it again and it’s FABulous!  The High School Drama teacher with delusions of grandeur.  Easily my favorite character and terrifyingly recognizable to anyone who ever sold their souls to their High School Drama department. Favorite Quote: “Thank God you’re here!  Grandma’s been raped!”

jonahJonah Takalua: DICKtation…lol, you’ll get it when you watch.  The “troubled kid” who only wants to break dance and fuck around.  3 Schools in 13 months and Summer Heights High is working awfully hard not to kick him out…oh but he makes them work for it.  This kid is a fucking riot! Favorite Quotes: " ACHOOOO....sorry miss I’m just allergic to some shit up here...I must be allergic to your fart miss..." "Let me draw my dick on you!"

(Yes, to answer your question I am very mature.)

The rest of the cast is very good for what little dialogue and camera exposure they get but I have nothing else really to say about them except that they are such “straight” characters, it’s hard to remark on a performance when they are shadowed by such a mountain of character…of course, I’m sure that’s by design which begs the question, is Chris Lilley more like Mr. G than we think…or does he just know what it takes to make his premise stand out?...or both.

WHAT I DIG: It’s fucking hysterical and it goes there in prime time…at least in Australia.  Controversial only because it says what too many of us are thinking anyway.

WHAT I DON'T: Jonah’s character is funny as hell but it’s bitter sweet.  The tragedy of a child failed by his parents and then “the system” is hard to see...but again, maybe that’s deliberate.  Lilley is either brilliant or unabashedly mean…or both.

WILL IT LAST: Pretty sure it was just the one season.  Buy it. Buy it for me. Send it to me. I love it.