SOUTH PARK IS BACK BABY! After a rather cruddy season twelve I was starting to think South Park had begun its slow descent into suckiness. Really, it's inevitable for a show that has been on for over twelve seasons to stop being as great as it once was. While this episode didn't necessarily change my mind that South Park is starting to suck, it is nice to see that Trey Parker and Matt Stone can still pen a script that is as funny as it is socially impacting. South Park has risen the bar for itself to an impossibly high standard. "The Ring" isn't a TOP quality episode but it is a high quality one. And for a show I consider to be one of the top three funniest shows of all time, that is saying something. This week on South Park Kenny gets a girlfriend! The boys get warning that Kenny's new girlfriend is a slut and they decide to warn him. After hearing his girlfriend is a slut a now ecstatically happy Kenny decides to take her to a Jonas Brothers concert to get her hot so he can get a BJ from her. After the concert the Jonas Brothers convince Kenny's girl to wear a purity ring and abstain from sex and she convinces Kenny to also wear one. And that's just half the episode!

Kennys got a girlfriend!

There are some really funny moments in the first half. Kenny's reaction to finding out his girlfriend is a slut was funny, but a bit predictable. Cartman's reaction to finding out Kenny actually wants a BJ was hilarious. And the Jonas Brothers concert was pretty damn funny as well. It's was a good first half, but the episode shifts focus from the boys and their shenanigans to a more social topical issue.

The last fifteen minutes revolve mostly around the Jonas Brothers and the problems they are having with the purity rings they push. They get the president of Disney involved and it's none other than Mickey Mouse himself! But of course this being South Park Mickey isn't the happy-go-lucky mouse he is in Disney cartoons. Instead he is a psychotic, tyrannical business man with a twisted agenda. Stan, Cartman, and Kyle eventually confront Mickey and the Jonas Brothers about the beliefs they preach and for turning their friend Kenny into a douche. The final few minutes of this episode are jaw-droppingly funny. Mickey goes on such a fantastically offensive rant that I really don't want to spoil it for you. It has to be seen to be believed.

Mickey the psychopath.

The final few minutes of "The Ring" elevated the episode from being just average to being pretty damn good. My only complaints were that it's a bit predictable at parts and that there is a little too much Jonas Brothers in it. But overall it's a really funny episode with some very memorable moments and I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who is a fan of South Park.

Score - 8/10