This week on South Park Cartman leads a super secret double life as The Coon, a masked vigilante hero. The only problem is, aside from no one taking him seriously and everyone knowing his true identity, another masked hero named Mysterion is stealing all of The Coons' attention. South Park episodes can be divided into two categories. There are the "serious" episodes that deal with political or social issues, then there are the silly episodes that are about kids acting like kids and having fun. While I do enjoy the "serious" ones I personally prefer the silly episodes because they're just, well they're just funny. This week was definitely a silly episode. It's kind of a mix between a parody of Watchmen and Christopher Nolan's Batman. It's also sort of like the ninja weapons episode, except replace ninjas with superheroes.

Who is The Coon?

The episode starts with an obvious parody of Watchmen. Cartman narrates his own actions in same the noir type style of films like Watchmen and Sin City. In a perfect satire of the over-seriousness of those films Cartman talks about how his town is a "dying whore" and how "where the money goes, the raping starts". After realizing that nobody is taking him seriously Cartman meets Mysterion, another masked hero who wears a hood/cloak combination and has a question mark on his head. Cartman gets pissed that Mysterion is taking all his thunder and takes it upon himself to unmask him, so he turns to Professor Chaos/Butters for help. I won't spoil the climactic end fight for everyone, but rest assured that Professors Chaos' plan is thwarted, Mysterion is unmasked, and peace is finally restored, all thanks to The Coon.

Who is Mysterion?

There aren't really too many jokes per se to be found in "The Coon". There is a joke about Obama and the economy in the beginning but that was about it. Most of the humor in this episode comes from really great character moments, and in a show filled with as many hilarious characters as South Park that's a very good thing. Hearing Cartman whine and complain is always hilarious, Professor Chaos/Butters with his partner General Disarray are as funny and unmenacing as ever, and Mysterion with his gruff voice and dark guise is an amusing parody of what the new Batman is like. The epic final fight was funny in its extreme insignificance, and the big reveal of who Mysterion is is way unexpected and quite original. The humor is only amplified by the soundtrack because it's practically a complete ripoff of The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

Overall this episode was very good. There wasn't a moment where I bored or didn't care about what was going to happen. It's filled with hilarious character moments and sort of calls to mind the days of old South Park, when the show relied more on characters instead of current events.

Score - 8/10