Remember back in my review of "The Ring" when I said South Park is starting to suck? Well, I was wrong, DEAD FUCKING WRONG! This weeks episode of South Park not only surpassed my expectations of what a fantastic episode of South Park should be, it propelled the show into a realm of brilliance that is almost impossible to put into words. In short, this is South Park at its absolute best. This week on South Park Randy tries to deal with a troubled economy by encouraging people to stop spending. Kyle is opposed to the idea and leads a rebellion that actually encourages spending. Stan meanwhile goes on a trek to return a Margaritaville margarita maker, and Cartman, well Cartman just wants Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars. I know it's blatant product placement but this is South Park, so I don't give a damn. Kyle ends up making the ultimate sacrifice and, well if I said anymore I would be getting into spoiler territory, and I hate spoilers.

Can you guess who that is on the far right?

The way Trey Parker juxtaposes the troubled economy with a biblical story is a pure stroke of brilliance. The overall joke in "Margaritaville" seemed to be that people treat the economy as if it were a god of some sort, which is absolutly true. In the words of Kyle Brofloski "The economy isn't real, and yet it is real". This episode makes you realize the economy only has as much power as you let it have. Stan's story also makes you realize the inane complexity of the infrastucture of our financial system. And the way the goverment decides how to fix financial matters is, again, a pure stroke of briliance. There is also a great jab at Barack Obama.

Kyle makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Along with the hilarious jokes, "Margaritaville" also has a wealth of great character moments. It's always great to see Randy blow things out of proportion. Cartman again is as whiny, racist, and hilaroius as ever. Stan and Kyle are once again the voice of reason in a situation that seems to be spiraling out of control. And this episode features the return of the popular line "THEY TOOK'R JEBS!" "DAKA DERRR"! I just can't enough good things about "Margaritaville". I could sit here forever and try to explain to you how fantastic and brilliant this episode is, but it has to be seen to be believed. It also helps that the writing is top notch. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are master story tellers.

So what are you waiting for? Go to right now and watch "Margaritaville".

Score - 845 / 10

Real score - 10/10

Absolutlely brilliant!