This week on South Park Cartman and Jimmy team up to create the best joke of all time, a joke so funny Carlos Mencia ends up stealing it. An enraged Cartman tries to get property of his joke back but Jimmy isn't too sure about how much Cartman really helped with creation of the joke. Also Kanye West just doesn't seem to get the joke at all and he goes to great lengths to find out exactly why people think he's a 'gay fish'. Half of 'Fishsticks' presents a classic sitcom scenario, something I like to call 'the distorted story'. '. It was funny when Full House did it, it was funny when Fresh Prince did it, and it's funny when South Park does it. Basically Jimmy asks Cartman several times what actually happened the day they created the joke. Cartman's rendition of the story is wildy distorted. In one version he ends up killing a dragon, killing jewbots, then immediately afterwards helps Jimmy write the funniest joke of all time, all while everyone else around him claims he's not fat. This is definitely the stronger half of the episode cause it's filled with more great character moments from Jimmy and Cartman. I've always loved how the boys never really acknowledge Jimmy's retardation. To them he's just another kid.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kanye West, "Genius"

The other half of the episode is one long jab at Kanye West and the size of his ego. He claims over and over again that he is a genius but he can't seem to grasp the punch line of this joke. This half the episode is fairly amusing but definitely has way too much screen time. It falls flat about half way through and all you can say to yourself is 'Jesus I get it already, Kanye West is retarted'.

Kanye West ends up confronting Jimmy and Cartman about the origin of this joke. I don't want to spoil the rest for anyone who hasn't seen it, so I wont. I'll just say that Cartman's monologue at the end is classic, delusional Cartman. And Kanye West ends up living in the ocean with the other gay fish. The ending also has a hilarious parody of Kanye West songs.

Overall this was a decent episode. Far from the best, but also far from the worst. The only thing I have left to say is, do you like fishsticks?

Score - 6.5/10