Sam's Realization - Episode 4.22
Thursday night, May 14th, was the season four Supernatural finale and the fate of the world is now in The Winchesters' hands... literally. Poor Dean has had a lot to deal with during the second half of the season. Sam drinking demon blood in order to beef up his psychic powers, Castiel's sudden aversion to helping Dean stop the apocalypse, the revelation that they had a half-brother that was murdered by ghouls before they could even meet him, being called into the service of the Almighty under false pretenses... why does Dean always have to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders? Even Bobby had to admit that Dean was taking things way too seriously but he was just trying to do what was best for his family.

Then there's Sam. Turning yourself into a vampire just to kick some demon ass? Sam, what is frickin' wrong with you! You totally know better and turning yourself into a monster isn't going to do anyone any good and you know what, you failed! You broke the final seal and almost destroyed your relationship with Dean just because you had to go and be all bad ass just for a vendetta that was already null & void. Dean made it out of hell all in one piece. You just should have left things well enough alone. But no! You had to allow Ruby to pull your strings like some stupid, little puppet and now look what happened. Lucifer is rising and it's all your fault! Thank goodness Dean was there in the nick of time to stab that lying demon whore and get rid of her once and for all. You helped? Yeah, well, if you had listened to Dean in the first place...

What about Castiel, you ask? Poor disillusioned soul. After being sent back to heaven for some serious butt whoopin' and taking over his vessel's body once and for all, he doggedly agreed to help Dean help Sam, but at what cost?

Sam and Dean watch as Lucifer's prison opens - Episode 4.22

Eric Kripke, and the rest of his creative team, have secured themselves a fifth season (possibly a sixth), but what about raising the bar in terms of creative content and emotionally driven plot lines? Sure, there was plenty of drama this season, but not to the extent of previous seasons in which each episode had you clinging at the edge of your seat, screaming in frustration, because you'd have to wait until next week to find out what happened. This season just left you screaming - out of frustration - because it wasn't up to par. My question to Mr. Kripke is "When you created the concept for the show is this really the direction you saw for its future? Is this really the destiny you conceived for Sam and Dean or did you succumb to the networks expectations for viewer-driven storylines instead of trusting your gut?"

I'll keep watching despite my disappointment with the direction of the show. You can't help who you love and my love for The Winchesters' (and Bobby) will have to be enough to sustain me from now until the end of the series.