televisionRemember those days of paying $70 for cable every month?  Throwing away perfectly good weed money just so you could watch Brett Michaels fall in love with the latest silicone stuffed twenty- two year old? Oh, you're still doing that?  Well I've got news for you-- you'll never have to shell out money for cable tv again, because the internet just got like 3% better with access to your favorite television shows and movies.  Okay, so a bunch of these sites are totally fake and give you viruses (kinda like that girl you met in Weho last nite), but there are a handful of sites that actually legitimately work.

Of the few, it's worthwhile to check out:

It's website boasts, that blinkx's patented video search technology filters out video spam, illegal clips, and inappropriate material that has been falsely tagged, to deliver full-length, legally available episodes of your favorite TV programs.  In other words, you can actually watch the programs you want to and not worry about getting rick rolled or some outdated 2008 nonsense.

Further more, Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx has this to say:

The volume of full-length TV episodes available online has exploded tremendously over the past few years! Unfortunately, shows are spread across sites belonging to different broadcasters and media giants and, as a result, no one knows where to find anything. blinkx Remote has solved this problem. It uses blinkx’s patented video search technology to identify full-length shows across the Web wherever they live, and makes them available through a single gateway. No digging through multiple sites to find your favorite shows necessary!

blinkx 3d Remote

So I tested out the site to see if I could watch the shows that I have been so desperately missing since I no longer have television.  I was pleasantly surprised to see blinkx boasting a pretty impressive collection ranging from HBO's cult favorite "Big Love" to the Canadian hit, "Trailer Park Boys" which is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.  These lines are so memorable, it makes "The Big Lebowski" seem like pure, unadulterated drivel.

I clicked on several links of random shows, and I'm happy to report NO DEAD LINKS!  Sure, some of the quality varies, and you can never fully escape the sporadic chinese subtitle on the random asian site, but remember, you're getting something for free, which, considering the state of our economy these days, ain't easy.


Other notable questionably legal sites for watching your favorite tv shows and/or movies for free:

* Hulu is actually legal, evidenced by the fancy schmancy professional layout and its generous helping of commercials, that you can't fast forward, but the quality is also pretty stellar as well.