In Treatment Now that the Golden Globe Noms are out and the Emmys have passed us by, even though Lenny (and a whole host of other people) think that the Golden Globes are bunk, I can't help but want to bring attention to shows that deserve their accolades. Lucky for you, I am a “Mystic” and can sense things of quality.  As I put a finger to my temple and rub my belly I am sensing...Gabriel Byrne...HBO...Diane Wiest...casting by Junie Lowry-Johnson and I can most certainly tell you without watching, that this show is a finely sculpted work of art.  Don't worry, I watched it to confirm my genius.

BASIC PREMISE Based on the critically acclaimed Israeli show Betipul, Psychotherapist Paul has a half hour session each week with his patients and as we get a look inside their closets, so too do we get a glimpse into his.  His marriage is falling apart and he seeks the counseling of his own therapist at the weeks end, felling as though his own ability to evaluate his patents and his life, is slipping.  Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama.


Gabriel Byrne as Paul Weston: A yes card for me whenever he's on the bill, I ask fewer questions and I just watch.  Portraying the seemingly complacent and endlessly frustrated psychotherapist.  A compelling dichotomy of the Sage for others struggling at the same time appearing to have a greater inner struggle than all his patients put together.  A seemingly effortless portrayal garnering him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Diane Wiest as Gina: Paul's friend and Therapist.  Winner, 60th Emmy Awards; Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for this character.  Nominated for Best Supporting, 2009 Golden Globes with Melissa George.  Brilliant woman...nuf' said.

Melissa George as Laura, PATIENT: The girl's on fire!  Damn these Aussies!  I want to move to Australia, get citizenship and the instantly brilliant film & television career that comes with the passport!  GOSH!!!  Sharing that 2009 Golden Globe nomination with Diane must feel really hot!  She's compelling...and gorgeous.  GOSH!!!

Blair Underwood as Alex, PATIENT: Helping to fulfill the hotness quotient of the series, darling of Junie Lowry-Johnson, who has dipped into the Blair Underwood Well of talent before.  For those of you who may not know, she and her staff have an incredible eye for talent.  HBO... nuf' said.  Nominated for a 2009 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actooooor.  Last nominated in 91 for L.A. Law, he has SERIOUS competition but it further validates his performance and his position on the short list.

Michelle Forbes as Kate: Playing Paul's wife, She's such a great combo of hot and hard core!  IMDB this woman if you don't know how impressive her hard-core resume is.  Maybe it's the great bone structure or just the fact that she has mastered the art of tough which, as an actress I can tell you that VERY few Actresses have that skill.  The only thing that I don't understand is why she hasn't gotten a nom yet?  Did you see Battlestar Gallactica?...I don't get it.

Mia Wasikowska as Sophie, PATIENT: AUSSIE!  She's, what...10? obvious her career hasn't had time to go too far, but she's working plenty, soon to be Alice in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

Embeth Davidtz as Amy, PATIENT: A different role than what I'm used to seeing her play, it's nice to warm up to her and be sympathetic.

Josh Charles as Jake, PATIENT: As an avid Sports Night fan, it's interesting to see Josh Charles play such a creep.  A dimension I didn't know he had.  Well done!

WHAT I DIG: Being relatively self analytical I really enjoy trying to figure out where he's going with his patients treatment.  What he's trying to get out of them and how it may reflect on him.

WHAT I DON'T: I love good writing so I happily suck it up, but the palpable stress that Paul is experiencing is such a downer it pains me to watch.

WILL IT LAST: It's HBO and it's a cheap show to make so the show will run it's course.  Who knows how long that will be?