This week on Family Guy Stewie gets stuck on the roof while trying to fix the satellite dish. This event leads to Peter finding an old raffle ticket from a Honey Nut Cheerios sweepstakes which entitles him to a round of golf with O.J. Simpson. "The Juice is Loose" is very disjointed and actually feels more like two mini episodes instead of one single story. But hey this is Family Guy, the last thing I'm looking for here is story structure, as long as the jokes are funny right? Well, they aren't. In the first half of the episode Lois puts Peter in charge of babysitting Stewie while she is at her book club meeting. Peter invites his friends over and they decide to have a sleep-over. Most of the humor here comes from Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire acting like teenage girls. It's a joke that we have seen before and it's starting to get a stale. Like teenage girls at a sleep-over they talk about The Jonas Brothers, play truth or dare, and have a pillow fight. Quagmire has a pretty funny line during the truth or dare scene about whether he has AIDS or not, and the pillow fight degenerates into a fist fight which was pretty funny to watch. The satellite dish eventually goes out and Stewie get stuck on the roof while trying to fix it. Brian and Stewie end up having one of their extended banter scenes about Jack Black and Diablo Cody (the writer of Juno). The comment about trying to match Jack Blacks energy level was slightly amusing but the rest of their banter falls flat.

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Conway Twitty!

The last half of the episode is about Peter trying to prove to the citizens of Quahog that O.J. Simpson is a decent guy. Why Family Guy is still making fun of O.J. Simpson I don't know. Maybe if it was ten years ago this episode could have been funny but now it just seems sad that these writers don't have anything better to talk about. Almost all jokes within the context of this story fall flat, the O.J. murder reenactment opera really wasn't funny at all. The episode ends with Peter convincing the town to give O.J. another chance, and just as they were embracing him O.J. ends up killing three people and running away. Peter then closes the episode with the line "Well, I guess he did do it", ha ha, it's not very funny.

The O.J. jokes are getting a little tired don't you think?

Then of course you get the obligatory Family Guy style cut-away jokes and even these aren't very funny. I should probably warn anyone reading this that there is a four minute Conway Twitty song which gets EXTREMELY irritating, but I guess it's supposed to. And if you don't remember who Conway Twitty is just look at the picture above. The Family Guy writing staff also seems to insist on making fun of Michael J. Fox and his battle with Parkinson's. It's not very funny and in extremely bad taste.

Overall this is a pretty bad episode of Family Guy. The story is disjointed and the jokes aren't funny. I also hope that this is the last time we ever see Conway Twitty again, cause they beat that joke to the ground and raped it.

Score - 4/10