This week on Family Guy Lois becomes a news anchor for the FOX network and Peter decides to make his own animated comedy. Unlike the previous few episodes "Fox-y Lady" actually has a decent flow to the story line. The two story lines play off each other and nothing seems out of place or random. That being said both these story lines aren't exactly winners. The Peter story was hilarious but the Lois story had a distinct lack of funny or meaningful jokes. And when you are covering a topic as inane as FOX news the jokes should be ripe for the picking. The episode starts with Peter and his family buying a new HDTV. The FOX network, upon realizing that HD can make a pretty person look ugly, fires one of their formally hot news anchors and replaces her with Lois. FOX then sends Lois to spy on Michal Moore to prove that he is gay. I could keep writing about the Lois/FOX story line but really it's uninteresting. Most of the jokes are just random and have nothing to do with the FOX network. It's mainly just movie parodies and poking  fun at celebrities. Some of the jokes are funny, some of them aren't. The only joke I can really recall in this story line is the hole on the side of Peters head, I don't know why that made me laugh so much.

Too bad they put the hole on the gay side.

The Peter story line is hilarious. Peter teams up with Chris and Meg to make an animated comedy. He and Chris come up with "The Handiquacks", a show about a group of handicapped ducks, and yes it's as stupid as it sounds. Meg throws her two cents in from time to time but of course her ideas are stomped to the ground and crapped on. After getting his friends to voice the characters Peter pitches his pilot to the FOX network. The pilot is hilariously and crudely made and I think it's one of the funniest things Family Guy has done since it's glory days (before it got canceled). There is also a lot of meta/self referential humor in this episode as well. When Peter is pitching the concept of The Handiquacks it seems like he is pitching Family Guy, it's pretty funny.

The Handiquacks, TV's next great animated comedy.

There aren't too many cut-away jokes in "Fox-y Lady". Peter is on an episode of CSI as a dead body and there is a joke about FDR hiring a midget, and that's really about it.

Overall this was a decent episode. But if it wasn't for the Peter story line it would have been pretty awful.

Score- 7/10