It's no secret that the Family Guy writing staff are liberals. This week Peter and his family tackle thegay issue as a retarded horse leads to Peter having the gay gene injected into him. Yes that's right, a retarded horse, they used a retarded horse as a segway into Peter being gay. It may not be the most intelligent way to segway into a story about a gay man, but it was mildly amusing. Especially when they were at the Quahog race track and the announcer started spouting off names of canceled Fox television shows. A joke that was done in the episode "North by North Quahog" but still funny none the less. Just not as funny as it was the first time. It's not until about halfway into the episode till the real story starts kicking in. Peter has taken up a gay lover and decides to leave Lois for him. Lois being the good woman she is decides that if Peter is happier with another man she will not get in his way. Unable to see Lois so unhappy, Brian decides to kidnap Peter and take him to a camp to make him straight again. Really, the story isn't very interesting and just seems like a way to string together a series of gay jokes. The episode doesn't tackle too many issues and most of the jokes come from Peter acting very flamboyant. But it's still kinda funny.

Peter becomes gay

As far as the Peter story goes the jokes are pretty typical. You get jokes about glory holes, musicals, the Lifetime channel, etc. Nothing that Family hasn't already covered before. The scenes with Brian and Stewie are definitely the best as they are the ones that actually pertain to real life issues about homophobia. There is a scene with Stewie quoting bible verses and one with him telling Brian that he is sick of Peter being publicly open about his gayness, both are pretty funny. There are some pretty good Family Guy style cut-away jokes here as well. The Dragons Lair reference will be funny to anyone who has played that game, the James Bond joke is pretty funny, and the Ronald Reagan joke is funny simply because of how juvenile it is. There are some jokes that fall flat but for the most part it's a good ratio of funny jokes to bad jokes.

Family Gay is not the best episode, but still funny enough to watch. There are also a few running gags for the people who still watch the show on a regular basis.

Score - 7/10