This week on Family Guy Quagmire gets a cat and Brian fights city hall to get pot legalized in Quahog. As I mentioned in a previous review the Family Guy writing staff are clearly pot loving liberals and in 420 they aren’t afraid to show it. The episode is basically a history lesson on why pot is illegal and the reasons on why is should be legalized. Any pot lover is pretty much going to agree with what Brian has to say and any pot hater is going to disagree. ‘420’ isn’t as a profound of an episode as the writers probably thought it was and it’s probably not going to change anyone’s mind about the current marijuana situation we, as a country, are in. The episode was actually pretty funny though. All the cat jokes in the beginning were hilarious. Maybe they‘ll only be funny to cat owners, but I can tell you that all the jokes they make are absolutely true. Anyone who has had a cat will find it very funny.  Brian eventually gets caught by the police for having a small amount of pot and this is where the episode kind of takes a dip. Brian goes on a crusade to get pot legalized in Quahog and along the way we are treated to a five minute duet from Brian and Stewie. If you enjoy Brian and Stewie songs then you’ll love this part. For me though it went on for FAR too long.  It’s literally five whole minutes of the episode. It was extremely irritating and by the end I said to myself ‘hurry the fuck up!’

Everything is better with a bag of weed

The last half of the episode is about Carter (Lois’s father) trying to get pot re-illegalized again. Carter runs a paper business out of Quahog and the legalization of pot is causing it to fail. Honestly after this point I stopped caring about the story. The jokes on the other hand were very funny. I love how easily coerced Peter was into helping Carter, and his attempts at making an anti-pot ad were hilariously pathetic. The parody of a classic anti-pot ad involving crude drawings, a dog, and the words ‘I can stop at any time’ was also quite hilarious. There are also some really great running gags involving Brian's books ‘Faster Then the Speed of Love’, and a very funny moment where Stewie tries to tell Brian that his book is good enough to be published. Overall this episode was pretty funny. You can tell it was supposed to be a button pusher and was trying to cause some sort of controversy, and in that respect in fails miserably. But it was a funny episode and is definitely a superior one in the large pool of post-cancellation Family Guy episodes.

Score – 7/10