Eli Stone is Ally McBeal minus the WhiningI know I'm going to get a lot of crap for this but yes, I watch Eli Stone and I like it. It's not for everyone! Did you like the style of Ally McBeal but got over the whining in Season One? Hop aboard the Eli Stone express! At least his hallucinations are the result of divine intervention! Confused yet? Let me start from the beginning. With a cast of accomplished actors that definitely know their way around a set, it's obvious to me that a lot of care and planning went into the creation of this show. Quirk, comedy, light drama and musical numbers. STOP! Before you say “EW!” and stop reading...it works. A law firm drama, there are no odes to the copier or “Why doesn't she love me ? Maybe it's because I'm so pathetic?” songs. The songs are fun covers and they serve a purpose in the plot. Characters randomly break into song at unexpected moments and locations which lends it's self to the ridiculousness, not allowing any part of this show to take it's self too seriously. I think that's why I like it so much. It says “I'm doing this my way, screw what you think”.


San Francisco Lawyer Eli Stone has a vision of George Michael singing to him on his coffee table and after a MRI or two discovers that he has an aneurysm. Though science says that the aneurysm is responsible for the hallucinations, he discovers that there are connections between what he sees and the cases he's trying. The knowledge he gains in the hallucinations help him to help people (which is not something he's been in the business of doing for a while) and indicates a message from a higher power. He also realizes that his deceased and estranged father had the same condition and that the universe has a plan for him. Divine intervention with a tap number or two...and nothing preachy.


Jonny Lee Miller as Eli Stone: Charming, adorable, well done babe! He's English, though he pulls of American pretty well. Hopefully for American this will give him an identity other than a certain uber-famous someone's ex-hubby and BFF.

Loretta Devine as Patti Dellacroix: I bumped her up the ladder because I LOVE THIS ACTRESS! IMDB her ; I don't think she's slept in years, the woman works hard! Eli's assistant and gets some of the best dialogue in the show. Filterless, she gets to say what everyone is thinking, and you love her for it. I want to be Loretta when I grow up!

Victor Garbor as Jordan Wethersby: A long time crush of mine, Victor just rocks. The character isn't anything groundbreaking but the Garbor presence is there...and he sings! Awesome.

Natasha Henstridge as Taylor Wethersby: The Species chic for all the sci-fi wet dreamers. Hurray for a woman that's shaped like a woman. SPOILER ALERT: his ex fiance by mid first season, but sticks around since she's Jordan's daughter.

Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Dekker: Cute as a button's poster child. Young optimistic lawyer of the office. Eli's Jiminy Cricket with a crush.

James Saito as Dr. Chen: Eli's Sage Acupuncturist who fakes a bad Asian dialect to attempt to “authenticate” his business. Keeps Eli's mind open to the possibilities. Fun character.

Matt Letscher, Jason Winston George and Sam Jaeger: It's a big cast, but I didn't want to leave these guys out. Great characters, solid actors and I hope to see them get more opportunities to contribute to the plot.


It's fun, clever, well written and it doesn't care what you think. Frankly, it doesn't need to.


The fact that I have to defend my affection for the show. I know we think we're too cool now for this style of story telling, but when it's done well, we're not. Can it be a guilty pleasure if the talent is really there?


ABC loves it. The second season is off to a good start and they are asking for more scripts. I think a nice neat three seasons can do the story justice. Maybe four, but I don't see more.