dexter-showThe season finale of Showtime's Dexter got me HOT it was so good and I'm still thinking about it.  For those of you who know the show, you no doubt share my wet predicament, and for those of you who do not know the show, you're missin' out kids!  Now that I can reflect on the whole season, let's digest, shall we? As much as I would love to expand on each and every characters goodies this season, the entire cast is so damn good in every season that I would rather focus on the biggest guest star of season three.  Jimmy Smits joined the cast and though Michael C. Hall sets the performance bar pretty damn high, Jimmy was not only equal to the task (no surprise there), but added a really dichotomous element making you fall in love with the manic Miguel Prado and what he represented for Dexter, only to have your heart broken by his later apparent series of deception.  Passion oozes from his every scene and it breathed beautiful life into a show that I was concerned about after season two. This is not to say that season two was in anyway inferior, but like any good plot line, it takes work to sustain it realistically and typically by the third season a show either hits a phenomenal stride, or if lost for good.  Fortunately for me, the third season went out with a bang and I'm still soaking up all the layers.  All the actors got scripts practically gift wrapped with good stuff for their characters, not giving too much but showing us new things and exploring new possibilities, leaving the door wide open for another season.

I often wonder what Michael C Hall will do after Dexter?  He's already had the pleasure of playing two very complex and compelling characters of completely different origins, and done it so well, I wonder if films is next?  Certainly he would be phenomenal, but will the now “textbook” M.C.H look translate?  He's now cornered the niche of non-traditional awkward yet hot guy who is stranger than meets the eye...will he be able to change what we see or will he stick to what he's so damned good at?  The blessing and curse of any good actor.  Don't be too good at something!  We might just refuse to let you change profitably, and sadly, the profit, for the studios, is the bottom line.  Not Everyone can survive what Adam Sandler has (and hang on...has he?...survived?), yet I earnestly feel that if anyone can, Michael C. Hall can...but until that day...I WANT MORE DEXTER!!!!!

dexter2cp5I thought about and actually began my predictions for the plot-line for next season...but it crossed my mind, “What if I'm right?”  what if by some crazy twist of fate, I guess right, one of the writers hears about it and has to change the whole bloody thing!  Ridiculous, right?  I love the show enough, not to tempt fate, but oooohhhhh I wish I could stomach sharing my predictions and just in case the writers are reading this...and happen to be hunting for good ideas... mine could be bought for the low low price of a guest staring role and a lovely brain picking lunch with Mr. Hall...just thought I would throw that out there...

Just in case I haven't made myself clear...WATCH DEXTER!