His name is Michael Weston, he used to be a spy. See, spies don’t get fired, they get burned. And when you’re burned you have nothing; no cash, no credit history, no employment history, and you’re stuck in whatever city your agency decides to dump you in (Miami in this case). To make money you take odd jobs and use your special ops training to right the wrongs of the world and fight for the little guy. Welcome, to the world of Burn Notice. Burn Notice is a fantastic show and one of my most favorite shows currently on TV. It’s slick, clever, action-packed, and very funny. After two incredible seasons I was starting to fear the show may lose steam. After watching the third season premiere I can safely say, ‘I was sort of right’. It’s not that the 'Friends and Family' was bad; it was just a bit underwhelming. After ending the second season on such great note I was expecting the third season premiere to blow my mind. But instead it was just another, same old type, of episode following the same story format as the preceding ones. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a bit disappointing.

From left to right; Michaels mom, Sam (Ash), Michael, and Fiona

This week on Burn Notice Michael has to deal with his new situation. No longer under the protection of his former employers Michael is now the target of all his former international enemies. After swimming for his life for five miles Michael ends up getting arrested by local cops. An ‘old buddy’ of his springs him out of jail, but only in return for his help. He needs Michael to kidnap a Spanish land tyrant so that he can be returned to his country and be tried in a court of law.

It’s the same old Burn Notice you’ve come to know and love. The story really isn’t anything to write home about; an extraction here, a kidnapping there, Michaels mom complaining, Fiona bitching him out, it’s standard stuff. There are some tense moments, like the rolling meeting Michael has with his target. And Michael's persona as a nervous lawyer was very entertaining. There is a twist near the end which I won’t spoil but it’s fairly obvious, and anyone who watches the show will see it coming. 'Friends and Family' is just standard stuff for this show, it's good but nothing great. But the last five minutes Michael says something that got me pumped for the rest of the season.

Overall, this was an average episode. It was amusing but wasn’t anything the show hasn’t done many times already. The writers could have made a really great premiere, but instead they stuck with the ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ motto. I’m still excited for next week’s episode, but I’m afraid to say I think this is where the show begins to flat line. Not decline, just flat line, become stagnant.

But I hope I'm wrong!

Score – 6.5/10