This week on Burn Notice Michael helps a separated married couple get their child back from a kidnapper. The problem is the kid has already seen his kidnappers face, so the kid has to die. Michael decides the best approach would be to use a technique called reverse interrogation to find out where the bad man is hiding the kid. What happens is Michael pretends to be someone who knows something about the kidnapping/diamond heist. Sam arranges the kidnapper and Michael to be in the same room so the kidnapper can ask some questions to this mystery man who seems to know too much about his personal business. Genius? Yes. Classic Burn Notice? Yes!

'Questions and Answers' was great! It’s hilarious, clever, and extremely well written. Every character has a fair amount of screen time and some a lot of great character moments. Bruce Campbell and Jeffery Donovan have such great chemistry as Sam and Michael. The way they completely play the kidnapper is so great, so genius, and very entertaining. Michael is hilarious as a junkie, but Bruce Campbell steals the show as Sam playing a crooked cop. The ending is dark, twisted, and hilarious, it had me in stitches. Let’s just say a Mexican stand off goes horribly wrong.

There were some complaints I had. The main one being the serialized main story about Michael getting burned was rather uninteresting. A new female detective character who is trying to expose Micheal for what he is wasn’t very interesting, and for the most part was very forgettable. It’s obvious she is going to be future episodes so maybe the writers are just taking their time developing her character. Regardless, she was only is like 5 minutes of the whole episode, so who really cares about her?

Overall this was a fantastic episode of Burn Notice. I’m glad to see the writing, directing, and acting are as great as ever. The writers especially are absolute geniuses. They always seem to have a fresh spin on old ideas, even something as simple as a kidnapping. I love this show!

If there is one show on TV you MUST watch, it’s Burn Notice.

Score – 9/10