This week on American Dad! Stan and Roger get into a turf war through the neighborhood watch after Stan refuses to buy grenadine. Of course Roger gets pissed at Stan's selfishness and decides to make his life a living hell by using one of his many alter egos Roy Rogers Mcfreely. With the use of fire hydrants, garbage tucks, and an army of Mexicans Roger intends to prove to Stan, yet again, that he isn't the boss of everything. Not the most original plot I know, but it was still pretty funny. To me American Dad has developed it's own personal brand of off-beat humor and this episode follows that paradigm. It's not dirty, its not vulgar, it's not filled with pop culture references, it's just weird. This episode was packed wall to wall with jokes and most of the jokes were actually pretty funny, or at least chuckle inducing. Stan and Steve's thriller dance was amusing. Stan's propaganda video about above ground sprinklers was hilarious. And the episode really hits a comedic high note when Stan scarfs down an entire bottle of horseradish sauce.

Ahh, the danger of above ground sprinkers.

The last third of the episode Haley joins up with Stan to take down Roger and the "system". In this final act we are introduced to some new characters, an old guy and an agoraphobic (fear of the outside) guy on a speaker phone. Stan lovingly calls these two "old guy" and "speaker phone". We are also treated to a hilarious car chase involving Stan, Roger, and a nonsensical Spanish song sung by Mexican singing sensation Cilantro. I love this joke because the song isn't actually translated for you and requires you to know at least a little Spanish. The song is funny on it's own but when translated it gets a lot funnier. It's nice to see that American Dad actually respects the viewers intelligence and has jokes with different comedic layers.

One of the best American Dad! moments.

"Roy Rogers Mcfreely" is yet another good episode in the American Dad library. It's a shame that American Dad seems to be doomed to live forever in the shadow of Family Guy because it really is a much funnier and much more intelligent show. It deserves to be seen by more people and "Roy Rogers Mcfreely" is a good example of why.

Score - 8.5/10