This week on American Dad! Steve tries to win his girlfriend Debbie back from another man named Etan (Snots friend) with an Oceans 11 style caper during Etans Bar Mitzvah. Unfortunately though Steve gets caught and accidentally pins the blame on his best friend Snot. Meanwhile Stan and Francine try to pitch an idea of theirs to a cell phone company. Their story however covers roughly only 2 minutes of the episode and ends up going nowhere. Steve is definitely the central focus for "Bar Mitzvah Shuffle" The episode starts with Debbie realizing Steve is a rather immature person. This realization occurs when Steve has an unhealthy obsession with a fart making machine, a machine that analyzes the fart sounds you laugh at suggest other fart sounds you may find amusing. I wish I had one of these fart making machines. Debbie then meets Snots friend Etan, a cocky, spoiled, and rich Jewish fellow. Steve hatches a plan to steal all of Etans Bar Mitzvah money but ultimately Snot gets blamed for Steves wrong doing and ends up getting in trouble with the three Jewish elders.

Meet "Steves Four"

A large portion of "Bar Mitzvah Shuffle" was a movie parody of Oceans 11. It was entertaining but not particularly funny. Roger is very funny with his alter egos including his latest one, a pool hall hustling wheelman named Lucis Mayweather, I always get a kick out of Rogers alter egos. I also loved how they took a jab at Oceans 12 because I hated that stupid ass movie. Steves friend Toshi also has some good screen time here and he has some pretty good lines. We find out that Toshi is actually haunted by a 12th century shogun warrior. It's a funny joke and I really hope the writers use it again some time in the future. Klaus also has some very funny moments, one in particular with a jellybean cell phone. Probably the weirdest moments were when the camera pulls back to reveal a whole film crew taping the episode that they are currently in. I get the joke that an animated show wouldn't have a film crew, but it's a joke that has been done a thousand time before on other shows, and I feel like American Dad! is better than that.

Jellybean cell phones, who the hell thought of these things?

Now, i'm not Jewish, and this episode was very Jewish heavy. So maybe there were some jokes that flew over my head because I don't really know too much about that particular culture. As far as I know there weren't any jokes that I didn't get but I could be wrong. You may find more enjoyment in this episode if you're Jewish, but again I could be wrong.

Overall this was a decent episode. It was very story heavy and didn't have too many funny moments because so much of the episode relied on being a parody of Oceans 11. And it also didn't help that "Bar Mitzvah Shuffle" was a rather Stan-less and Roger-less episode. Stan and Roger are clearly the funniest characters on the show so when an episode doesn't have either of them a lot of the humor is missing. But hey, maybe it's good to have a break from Stan and Roger every now and then.

Score - 6/10