This week on American Dad! Stan goes missing during a surveillance mission in Colombia, but he returns. Upon his return Francine realizes that she wouldn't be able to move on emotionally if Stan ever really does happen to die. Stan drops the bomb on her that if SHE were to die he already has a back up wife ready for him to marry, his dentist. Meanwhile Steve and Roger become Wheels and the Leg Man, alter ego's of theirs, to find Hayley's ipod shuffle. This was a pretty good episode with two very entertaining story lines. In the Stan/Francine story Stan of course plays the oblivious oaf who doesn't realize how much he's hurting Francine. Whenever she gets upset at him for having a backup wife his only words of comfort to her are 'don't worry about it, you'll be dead'. For her revenge Francine ends up getting herself a backup husband, Stans partner from the CIA Jim. Jim was an amusing character and hearing him sing Marc Anthony 'I need to know' to the ladies was pretty funny, but he's not anyone too memorable. The episode culminates to a showdown between Stan, Francine, Jim, and Stans dentist, in Stans living room.

Jim REALLY likes Francine.

Steve and Roger were hilarious as Wheels and the Legman. It's funny hearing them argue about which television cliche they want to be. They argue about which one of them is the bad cop, which one makes the puns, which one is the hard boiled silent type, and various others. There are also some very funny moments with Steve's friend Barry being interrogated, Klaus and his extreme distaste for puns, and Hayley finally getting her ipod shuffle back. Wheels and the Legman's opening intro was also quite entertaining.

Who the 'f' is Stephen J. Dannell?

There are quite a few oddball moments in 'Wife Insurance', typical American Dad! fare. Stan falls into the worlds biggest fallafel, Jims schlong is oddly censored even though he was in a speed-o, and a midget hooks up with a old woman. There are some jokes don't really fit into the theme of the story, but they were still funny. As long as the jokes are funny all is forgiven. My only complaint is I wish Steve and Roger had more screen time than they did but I guess that would deter time from the Stan/Francine storyline, which was also very good. So again, all is forgiven.

Overall this was a good episode. 'Wife Insurance' has great story lines, funny jokes, odd humor, recurring jokes for long term fans, and some funny character moments. I was thinking thought that it would have been funnier for Francine to get with Stans body double from the CIA, a character we saw in a previous episode. But the episode is good the way it is.

Funny stuff.

Score - 9/10