ABC has announced that they have not ordered any new episodes for their Sophomore darlings Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money.  For those of you who don't know or haven't intuited, that means it's over.  The shows have not been “canceled”...but they will most likely not be renewed either. They get to finish their seasons, and the fans will probably complain...but it's over. Now I haven't seen Dirty Sexy Money yet, but it got a second season in the fickle current market so it must be at least interesting.  Eli Stone and did we forget to mention EMMY award winning Pushing Daisies are well respected, charming, witty, quirky and fun.  Apparently that isn't selling well enough...else really...why would they ever be canceled.  SAD.  With the horror of reality TV still on our lips and sitcoms practically extinct...has ABC lost it's warm fuzzy bone?  I'm about as dark as they come when it comes to humor, but I like to mix it up and nothing gets my allegiance like a good witty warm-hearted comedy. You know...the life we all wish we were leading (whether you admit to it or not).

I know an acting coach who says something very poignant whenever his students are boring him. He says “Real life is boring”.  It's not entertaining. TV and FILM aren't real life, else why would we watch it, when we already have reality?  So why on EARTH are we not embracing such fantasy?  Why instead do we love hospital drama, forensics, law and crime drama?  Why do we demand gore and discomfort, illness and all that is wrong with humanity?  Don't we want to escape?  Isn't life stressful and challenging enough?  Why don't we want to step into fun and intelligence (since we all think we're so much smarter than everyone else).

I now have to refer to the ABC network as The Abusive Network.  You know, like an abusive significant other.  They make you feel uneasy, they're unpredictable, play the occasional mind game and make you cry unexpectedly.  Maybe that's too harsh...perhaps I'll just refer to them as The Very Serious Network (insert Blue Steel face here)...and yet, Ugly Betty?...hmmm.  They did acquire Scrubs from NBC, keeping some humor (though NBC was going to cancel it), and Life on Mars and Private Practice LOST (crime drama-hospital drama) will be moved around to their time slots.  I love ABC, I'm waiting for the return of and I still don't miss any episodes of Grey's Anatomy but variety is good people!  Comedies are vanishing.  Why is that?  I'll admit my TV tastes have become a bit more sophisticated in years past thanks to HBO, Battlestar Galactica and new style comedies like The Office but can anyone hypothesize why we don't want a good lighthearted giggle anymore?  Television is evolving to be sure, but into what?  You tell me.