January 11th 2009, the United States once again, came under attack. A new president was in the process of acclimating to their newly elected job, government officials were being investigated for their history of torture, women and children were being slaughtered in Northern Africa and the american public sat back in the comfort of their own home watching wide-eyed, waiting to see who would live, who would die and whether or not it would affect their Monday. And yet, none of this was covered on CNN, MSNBC, or any local news station (not that I expect anything different), but this time I know why...

Jack 'freakin' Bauer! Oh that's right! The real Superman is directly involved, and because he has an uncanny ability to solve the worlds problems in 24 hours or less, there's no need for the news to cover it. Now maybe I'm blurring the line between reality and fiction, but c'mon! This is Jack 'kill you with his little finger' Bauer! Whew... now that that's out of my system, can I just say how hard it is to wait two years for this show, which has the same effect on me as heroine interestingly enough.

The Show Premise:

An action drama that takes place within the span of one day, in real time. What that equates to is: 24 hours = 24 episodes = long season = a perfectly wonderful waste of time. Generally speaking, the main character, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), enlists the help of friends and enemies, lovers and haters, to help him uncover a plot (or several plots) against the United States. Since this isn't a reality show, we don't have to see Jack sneeze, piss, or shit his way through each hour. The writers thankfully give him some alone time while taking the viewer through a variety of story arcs that sometimes never pan out but give some insight into the minds of other characters that help or hinder Jack through their own, often obnoxiously selfish exploits.


The Characters:

Although the supporting cast is constantly changing giving us memorable characters like Nina Myers (Sarah Clark), Habib Marwan (Arnold Vosloo), and Lynn McGill (Sean Astin), Jack Bauer is always present and accounted for. Other recurring characters include: Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), and the real 'first black president', David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). This seasons characters will be revealed later... spoilers ya' know.

Why You Should Watch:

Although the show can, and will, be frustrating at times, it's important to enjoy the roller coaster ride. Very few shows have the ability to suck you right in and drag you back and forth whilst beating you across the face with temporal impossibilities calling you their bitch, and in the end you walk away, happy that you also got off on it and will gladly be back for more. The show is sometimes eerily relevant and this season is no exception. Another good reason to watch this season: online streaming video on Fox's website. A first for 24 and much easier for those of us with relatively busy schedules. Now you can control when to get your fix.

Why You Shouldn't Watch:

Copied and pasted directly from above: frustrating, suck you right in, drag you back and forth, temporal impossibilities, online streaming video on Fox's website (controlling your own addiction is too much power to be had by an individual and should be maintained by a trained group of professionals dammit!)  I suppose the reasons people love this show are also the same reasons people hate it (the latter means you're going to hell, sorry).

Spoiler Alert:

But what about this season? Well, I don't know much but I do know this: We have a new president, no not a black man, for 24 that's old news. This time it's a woman, this show is ahead of it's time I tell you. She must contend with not one but two impending disasters (for now) that are intertwined in a weave of deceit and treason that meanders through her own administration. Jack Bauer, in the middle of a Congressional hearing revolving around the recently disbanded Counter Terrorist Unit and their interrogation methods, finds himself helping the FBI on a case that only he can solve.

Gloriously, several characters have returned for this season. Chloe O'Brian, Bill Buchanan, and the once believed dead Tony Almeida (who happens to be infinitely cooler than Jack Bauer) are a few who appear in the first four hours. I understand that other popular 24 characters will be returning later in the season. Who they will be I don't know and don't want to either.

I can go on and on... but really, if you've read this far then you might as well just break down and watch it. C'mon, everyone's doing it...


AuthorBTH Staff