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Welcome to a time when most good news comes in the form of other people's bad news.

I cannot explain why it seems human nature takes such immense pleasure from other people's misfortunes, except that I am 100% guilty of it. In the vein of F-mylife.com and other sites that are vehicles for public ranting and embarrassment, welcome KissandDish.com, a confession website that focuses strictly on romance and dating.

Posts are conveniently grouped into different categories: hookups, finding love, good dates, bad dates, advice, and more love related nonsense. Kiss and Dish is still relatively new, so there isn't a whole lot of content yet, but there is a dedicated community committed to helping this site grow daily.

Now for my confession: I don't like this site. AT ALL.

I really wanted to too. I've heard such good things about it, but I just couldn't get into it.  For starters, the stories are way too long. They read a lot like rambling from high school diaries, and while that was really profound back in junior year, nowadays, I just want to laugh and get to the point fast. None of this listlessly going on for a hundred pages talking about your math homework and the color of trees. In fact, most of the confessions read like the essays I used to write when I was doped up on mushrooms. Not my finest work.

Secondly, the confessions aren't all that interesting. They remind me a little of those embarrassing moment sections from teen magazines, except not as good. I filtered through ten stories looking for one to post here that might be noteworthy, but alas, I couldn't. I'm sure there were a few diamonds in the rough, but I eventually gave up. I think I would have had better luck finding WMDs in Iraq. A bit of advice: add a "best of" section.

The best and only part of the website that I could actually get through was the about the authors page. I like reading people's profiles--a habit cultivated by many years of Facebook and Myspace stalking. I liked hers:Picture 4

Personally, I still prefer Fmylife for short and sweet confessions and horrific moments.  Perhaps, I also feel that my love-scapades cause enough trauma in my life-- I don't need to suffer through anyone else's.

Kiss and Dish does, however, link to two of my new favorite websites: Manslations.com and Hookingupsmart.com.  Manslations is for girls who are constantly on the impossible quest of deciphering male behavior, while Hooking Up Smart dispenses practical guidance, love, and advice from a former ho, who's settled down into ho-maker.  Both these sites are about a thousand times funnier, wittier, and well written than Kiss and Dish.

(Sorry to dish out tough love.)

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