My lazy ass has finally gotten around to hanging up my Polish movie posters. If you haven't heard of these, then you are in for a treat, because any movie fan will understand the awesomeness I am about to show off. The owner of Polish Poster, Krzysztof Marcinkiewicz, was prompt with my emails, a pleasant guy all around, and the posters came right on time with the most packaging I've ever seen - which is clutch, since these are traveling a little over 5,000 miles. Here is some information I received from Krzysztof:

I am adding individual posters quite often - it is either restocking of posters which are sold out, or adding new posters. I always guarantee that shipping cost you pay with me will be the lowest ever from Poland to USA. I do perfect packaging and always charge just the shipping I have to pay at the post office. There is virtually no other dealer in Europe who offers lower shipping rates for shipping posters to USA.

My photos definitely don't do the posters any justice, but you can also see them on the site, Polish Poster; either way, they look amazing in person. So without further ado...

The Big Lebowski Polish Movie Poster

Pulp Fiction Polish Movie Poster

Raging Bull Polish Movie Poster

A Clockwork Orange Polish Movie Poster

Citizen Kane Polish Movie Poster

Reservoir Dogs Polish Movie Poster

If you want to pick up your own Polish movie posters, here is ordering information:

Krzysztof Marcinkiewicz Polish Posters Shop Phone: +48 601 723269 Email: Site:


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