Some people desire respect and crave to fit in socially. Other people are just assholes. It used to be hard to tell which side of the line you were on, but no longer! The internet has come to save us.

Are you an asshole?

Are you an Asshole?

A newly developed website, is just the moral compass we’ve all been looking for. In the spirit of  FMyLife and TextsFromLastNight, AreYouAnAsshole is a place where you can tell a story and ask the world, “Am I An Asshole?” You just might be.

How does it compare?

Some unnamed president

This might be the best website ever developed for many reasons. While the other user-submitted sites have ratings, they don’t hold the same social condemnation as AYAA. When 90% of all people reading your story tell you that you are an asshole, you know it’s true. It is my opinion that in years to come, this site will be used to solve not only the problems of individuals, but those of global entities. Someday, a former president might post:

In reaction to a terrorist threat, I attempted to deprive my constituents of all their freedoms with the Patriot Act, and then proceeded to run them into an economic depression. AIAA?


Unfortunately, the website isn’t perfect. For starters, the site’s colors hurt my eyes pretty badly. Secondly,  the site name is a little off. “Are you an asshole” isn’t really the question. The question is “Am I an Asshole?” It has a different feel. What I expect to see from AYAA is:

You tried to fuck friend in the ass and dumped her when she wouldn’t let you. AYAA?

Instead, the question is asked from the personal side, and given the website name, that’s weird. It is truly a shame that is a porn site. Finally, I find that the rating categories are lacking. You can either say that someone is an asshole or an average joe. There needs to be at least two more categories: “No, that’s just funny.” and “Yes, but that’s hilarious.” After all, everyone knows a funny asshole isn’t really an asshole at all.

Overall, I hope this website goes far. Not only do I like telling people that they’re assholes, but I now have a method to prove to other people that I’m not being one.