Disclaimer : The following does not account for all females and their social congregations. These are totally blog-worthy opinions that reflect Fierce Pussy's experiences and that of other very blog-worthy folks. Please read at your leisure! When I was 13, an emphatic awareness settled on me. This was the astonishing discovery of my super, duper, magical, vaj and it's incredible ability to manipulate situations to benefit me and of course, sometimes others.

Like all things in life, the vaj power when misused can boomerang into fatal karma leaving anyone in the vaj zone aghast. It is here, when women face a moral/social dilemma...to be dick tease or to be down to fuck?

The choices of dick tease and down to fuck have great advantages to both the teaser, "teasee", fucker and "fuckee." One is most obvious and that is the carnal pleasure. Then it furthers itself away of anything sexual and wanders into the realms of power and manipulation.

You have your typical dick tease girl:

Typical dick tease is a girl with or at what point had strong moral and sometimes religious upbringings. Had a pastor as a father and nurse for a mother who taught nothing but respect. But one bad, controlling boyfriend can usually be the catalyst for dick tease's.

The dick tease has had a long self battle between their sexual urges and the notion of "right" and "wrong", which always leaves them to make out with their girlfriend because it's the easiest and safest thing .

The dick tease girl will giggle, smile, look interested and sometimes kiss (if nobody is looking) to establish the immensity of their hotness. Dick tease's usually have no objective when teasing. Their agendas are all over the place, like a State Budget meeting in Sacramento. Because of their erratic dick tease'ing, when in social events, a dick tease may cause envious strife amongst other dick tease's. Also, in many instances this type of behavior allows for major back-biting on the dick tease.

Jessica Simpson - Dick Tease Poster Child

Although dick tease is not sleeping with anybody, some of the "teasee's" may feel threatened, humiliated and sometimes belittled that they may contrive false sexual information in regards to the dick tease.

The dick tease will use her flirting vaj power to manipulate situations (get into backstage or out of a speeding ticket) and to create validity of her self esteem that there may be lacking. Hence, the dick tease is an Old World Woman; using the "hard to get" method that was passed on from dick tease generations.

The presumed benefits:

  • Establishing validity and dick tease dominance amongst other dick tease's
  • Sexual control amongst the opposite sex
  • "Building" self esteem
  • "Conserving morality"

Your typical down to fuck:

Exudes a sexual aura that can be detected by any John in a bar or party. She struts with her head high and a tight agenda and takes no bullshit. The down to fuck will reach out at any means, asking for cigarettes or complementing the cliché accessories on any bloke that looks like a half decent fuck, with a pretty face. They realize these petty flirting tactics have no substance, but is a great way to earn free drinks and establish their down to fuck status.

Sharon Stone is Always Down to Fuck

Down to fuck's understand their vaj power and 95% of the time actually enjoy the act of sex.

New York electronic dance group, !!! (Chk, Chk,Chk,), superbly captures the down to fuck philosophy -

Love is love but a fuck is what it is And what's that? she must have read my mind. She looked in to my eyes and she said, "a good time."

However in some cases like the dick tease's, down to fuck's will use sex to fill their "void". (See next paragraph.)

The down to fuck has baggage neatly tucked away in the corners of her lips and when in the right level of inebriation, will spill out, diminishing her sexual attractiveness. This baggage may range from a "colorful" past such as physical & sexual abuse, lack of mommy and daddy love, or sometimes too much mommy and daddy love. Therefore, CAUTION! Enter the down to fuck zone with much caution.

The presumed benefits:

  • A good dick'ing
  • A good dick'ing
  • Free drinks and a good dick'ing