As you get older, you see the world a lot differently, and you seem to lose some zest in your life. Some people say life just beats you down, and you get cold, jaded and callous. Still being a baby to this world, I can't say that I have really felt any of that yet, but I will admit that I am not as easily excited or amused as I was in years past. Could be tastes maturing, but it could be a lot of other things as well - don't worry, I won't be boring you with that. The reality of it is that to get me really excited - I'm talking fucking giddy - it has to be something damn near epic. Such an epic moment is how I would describe the night of November 21st. Friends, I believe this article will explain exactly why I love America. Hugh Hefner has this big mansion, that I suspect many of you have heard of and probably seen. This mansion is modern day folklore, and everything you could imagine about it is true. Never have I seen so many amazingly-stunning women at one event. The night of November 21st easily saw a 2, if not 3 to 1 ratio of women to men. The theme was pajamas and lingerie, which also adds a factor of a thousand to the epic category. Keep in mind, it wasn't just a large assortment of women, but it was a large assortment of 7s, 8s, 9s and many many 10s. Meeper was there with me, and at one point we agreed that we would fuck 98% of the women there sober, while the other 2% would require minimal alcohol. The true tragedy of it all is that I did not take pictures of all the women there, and many of them looked much better in person than they do in my photos of the night. Nonetheless, the photos should give you some indication of why I love America, and why I would be fucking giddy.

Hugh Hefner with the Twins

Living in Los Angeles, and doing what I do affords me many luxuries. The luxury I am going to discuss is the amount of women these privileged eyes get to see. We are not just talking quantity, because the quality is very much there as well. There is a cornucopia of hot women in this big city of mine, and going out to bars / restaurants / parties / functions gives me the opportunity to keep meeting more of them. I love America. In addition to the ample hotness walking the streets of Los Angeles, I am also constantly dealing with hot women for work - one way or another. Truthfully, I am spoiled, and most certainly I love America. Understand that this background is meant only to give you the magnitude of how delicious the night of November 21st was. It was an epic moment, and I was fucking giddy.

Hugh Hefner is undeniably the reason the American pornographic scene is as large and vast as it is, and he is arguably one of the top reasons women have been more sexual with each passing decade. Women high and low attempt to be in Hefner's magazine, and at his mansion, year-after-year. Gorgeous women are turned away every day, but we are still fortunate enough to be graced with beauties like Corin Riggs. Corin is the Coed of the Month for November, and she was an absolute sweetheart. You will notice her in the pictures, wearing a red outfit making a pretty funny face outside while we waited for the port-a-potties to free up. I highly recommend Googling her. Meeper also decided he was going to sex it up with the bunny ice sculpture, with a random beauty. It took awhile to get this photo off, because as soon as this chick start posing on the ice, there was a swarm of about ten million cameras snapping off photos like the world was going to end. Gotta love Meeper's profesionalism and intensity in this photo (and the hot woman is OK too, I guess) -

Meeper Making Love to Ice Sculpture Rather than Hot Latina

If you ever get a chance to go the Hefner's mansion, do yourself a favor and go. This was my fourth time there, and I loved every second of it. On top of being blitzed all night with the never-ending open bar, and the bevy of hot women, it is a Los Angeles landmark that everyone should see. I also took some pictures of the monkey cage, as Hefner has a small zoo with various birds, and small animals. If you recall from my Halloween article, there was a strange bunny incident at Denny's. It seems strange bunnies follow me around, because there was another crazed bunny with a leather mask and ears -

Another Crazy Funny Sighting

Since it was pretty dark just about everywhere we went, the videos did not come out all that great. During the video below, I just took a walk through the party grounds while I was still sober, which meant it was also not full yet. There were easily twice as many people there by the height of the party shenanigans, as compared to what you will see in this video. And yet...there were still a ton of hot women floating about. It was almost as though Hefner's mansion just rains hot women. Make it rain hot women - POOF - done!

There are two more videos I uploaded on our YouTube channel, so feel free to check them out. There are another 40 something photos I took, so check out the PJs & Lingerie Mansion Party photos page. If the videos and photos are not enough to explain why I love America, then obviously you voted twice for Bush. Shoot for the star behind the star!