Last week, I was visiting my local ethnic grocery in Chicago and found this: Sure, I’ve tried cock before (common, who hasn’t?), but never in a soup. Anyone have any recipes?

Some other fabulous products circulating around the net:

Go Girl

Last year, BTH, wielding its connections and power, managed to get me a few samples of Go Girl, a urinating device for the girl who wishes she were a man. I know I certainly have—whenever I see women mutilating themselves so that they might be attractive to men, knowing that will one day be me.

Basically, I experimented with the device, which is recommended for long car rides, concerts and the great outdoors. You take your pants down, place the silicon funnel beneath your lady parts and pee into it, where it will flow out into the toilet, on the ground, or the mouth of whomever you wish.

$10 for one device might be hefty—the Web site boasts that the funnels are reusable, because that’s not gross, but still, if you’re a girl on the go, “ur ine” for a treat.

Sick and tired of your cheap Forever 21 jewelry disintegrating before you even get it to the sales counter? Why not try Human Ivory jewelry, the jewelry that will actually last forever because its made out of human toe nails dipped in resin. What will they think of next? Poo-lery—the jewelry made from excrement?

The brainiacs over at ThinkGeek have discovered the nectar of the 21st century man: Baconnaise-- the dual bacon/mayonnaise condiment that should be slathered on everything from sandwiches to celery sticks.

The only catch? It’s vegetarian. How does that make sense?

I recently wrote an article about the wonderful world of squirrels and came across this product for the furry rodents:  Squirrel Underpants.

For only $9.50, you can help “protect the world from squirrel nudity,” according to the Web site. I don’t even know.

Obviously it’s a joke product, but still. What’s the point? I could buy a five-pack from Target for the same price, and who’s to say that all squirrels prefer briefs?