I was talking to my friend Rob, of Correctwing.com, and we got into talking about professional football.  I was telling him that I used to be a big-time professional football fan back in the day, and just recently (around the last two seasons or so) have gotten back into it. He is not really into professional football - for his money, he will take college football over professional football any day of the week.  That is fair.  Personally, I cannot stand college football, but I can understand where he is coming from.  I know plenty of people that fall into his same category of thinking, but no one has defined it quite as well as he has.

Here are Rob's words of wisdom on why professional football is not his bag:

Cannot really get into it though.  A lot of motherfuckers around the office are nazis about it.  I do not understand.  I want to get laid and go to a park on Sundays.  These fucks want to drink shitty beer and jack each other off, whilst watching men in tight pants.

I have never read such a touching position on why professional football is not for everyone.  Bravo, Rob, bravo.  Plus, can anyone really argue with college football cheerleaders:

College Football Cheerleaders Get My Blood Flowing

In any case, I would just like to say God bless America for bringing me football in general, and college football cheerleaders. Amen.