Beautiful and Talented: Los Angeles Laker Girls
We checked out the game between the visiting Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Probably not what the soothsayer had in mind regarding the ides of March, but the Mavs could have used the help as they are fighting for 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Assuming things stay as they are, these two teams would face each other in the first round of the playoffs, and chances are likely the series would end similarly to this game - with a Lakers win.

The Lakers gave my main man Trevor Ariza the start today, which lead to a career high with 26 points. But Ariza was not the only starting Laker with a solid game - aside from Derek Fisher, the other four starters all ended with double figures in points - which they desperately needed since they got no help from their bench. Lakers started accounted for 95 of their 107 points, en route to a 107 - 100 victory over the Mav's. Pau Gasol started off smoking hot with 16 points in the first quarter, while Kobe Bryant had no points until the second. For some strange reason, the Lakers went away from Gasol, who finished with only 25 points. The whole way the game was the Lakers to win or lose, as they let big leads slip away, and went into the fourth only up seven.

Jason Kidd Sizing up Jordan Farmar

As customary, Lakers coach Phil Jackson gave his starters plenty of rest in the second half, which let the Mav's slowly creep back in during the fourth quarter. Dirk Nowitzki did not have a good game, even though he finished with 20 points, he only made 6 of 20 from the field, and none of them were when it mattered. At the end of the third, and going into the fourth, it was the Jason Terry show - Terry was making it rain three pointers. Terry finished with a game high 29 points, and an incredible 7 three pointers! I've been a huge fan of Jason Kidd since his college days, but he definitely has lost a step or two. Kidd needs to work on his jump shot, and try to mold his game around what Steve Nash has done with the Phoenix Suns.

Kobe Bryant Draining a Huge Three in the Fourth Quarter

Luckily for the Lakers, they have the best basketball player in the universe wearing their purple and gold. Even though Bryant was relatively quiet, he came through when it counts - as he always does. Kobe drained two huge threes down-the-stretch, sealing the game for the Lakers and further flexing their muscle against a solid Western conference team.

And what would a review of a Laker's game be without some dancing from the Laker girls? Exactly my point. Here are the beautiful Laker girls dancing to the Beastie Boys (You gotta) fight for your right (to party):