As with any sport, hockey is filled with it's fair share of rivalries, with some dating back several decades, and others that have sprung up somewhat recently. When the Anaheim Ducks come to town, or the Los Angeles Kings visit them, the result is usually a pretty entertaining battle. One thing has led to another, over the years, and a rivalry was spawned. This should help explain why there was a fight within the first two minutes of the game, with this being just the third game of the season for both teams. And then another fight less than nine minutes after that. All of that I will get into in a bit, but for now I leave you with the beauty of the Staples Center (click any thumbnail to enlarge):

Chick Hearn Court in Memory of the Great Lakers Announcer Exterior View of Main Entrance at Staples Center LCD Screen Outside of Staples Center Showing Live Warm-Up Los Angeles Sports Arch of Fame Outside Staples Center Statue of King's Legend Wayne Gretzky, aka The Great One

We get inside, and are a little early, which means we get to watch some of the pre-game shoot around. I took some pictures of both the Ducks and the Kings warming up against their goaltenders - Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Jason LaBarbera, respectively. Both netminders being Canadian, if you could not tell from those delicious last names.

Anaheim Ducks Pre-Game Shoot Around Los Angeles Kings Pre-Game Shoot Around on Jason LaBarbera Pre-Game Look at the Entire Ice at Staples Center Los Angeles Kings Getting Jason LaBarbera Prepared Jason LaBarbera Taking Point-Blank Practice Shots

After the pre-game shoot around, the teams go back to their respective locker rooms, so that the Zamboni can come through and shave the ice. For awhile, it seemed like it was going to be a small crowd, but I guess even to a hockey game, people in Los Angeles need to come "fashionably late."

They make all the player introductions, and then sing the national anthem. I took a couple shots of both team's starting five, and then we dive right into the opening face-off. It is hockey time, boys!

Anaheim Ducks' Starting Five Prior to Face-Off Los Angeles Kings' Starting Five Prior to Face-Off Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings Square Off for the Opening Face-Off A Closer Look at the Opening Face-Off

Less than two minutes into the game, the Ducks score their first goal. To be honest, having been to many Kings' games that have ended poorly, I thought it was already over. I guess Raitis Ivanans had the same feeling, so two seconds after the proceeding face-off, he decided to kick George Parros' ass. If you are unfamiliar with Parros, let's just say he is primarily on the ice to fuck people up, so it is always nice to see him get his ass handed to him.

This was a pretty high-paced game by both sides; each time came out playing really hungry, because they were both searching for their first win of the season. As with their home opener, the Ducks starting playing flat after their second goal in the first period. Their scoring opportunities were seldom, and their intensity level really started to plummet as the game went on.

The Kings really took over with their place in the second period. They played a much more physical game than the Ducks, which is surprising to me, considering the brand of hockey the Ducks play. It seemed like big hit after big hit was coming from a Kings' player; in some cases simply leveling a Duck. The nail in the Ducks' coffin was a 5-on-3 goal the Kings' scored in the final minute of the second period. It felt like if they would go into the locker room at a tie score of 2-2, the game would have been much more even in the third period.

On top of being out-hit, the Ducks' simply gave up too many penalties. They really did not put themselves in a position to win, going on a 3-on-5 disadvantage two separate times in the game. Getzlaf, Pronger, and Selanne had pretty quiet games, other than Selanne giving the Ducks their third goal of the game. There was absolutely zero poise on the side of the Ducks, and Giguere was not sharp. From my perspective, there were at least three goals Giguere should have stopped; he definitely did not bring his A game. LaBarbera, of the Kings, did not have a great game himself, but he played well enough to keep the Kings in it. The first two goals LaBarbera could have been stopped, but the third was a clean one-on-one break-away against Selanne, which you cannot fault him for.

Enough with the legit hockey talk, where are the whores? Ask, my friends, and you shall receive. In my professional opinion, the Kings' whores are much hotter than the Ducks' whores. Maybe that was what gave them the confidence to take the Ducks', 6-3.

Hot Girl Cleaning the Ice Fantastic Profile of Los Angeles Kings Hockey Girl Tons of Heat on the Ice from These Ladies Beautiful Looks and they can Skate Too! Kings Girl Looking at the Hockey Puck Very Bewildered

If pictures of these hot Kings' girls was not enough, I am also providing you with delicious video. Maybe this will inspire some more fans to come out to Staples Center and watch the Kings play. Not likely, but here are the goods anyhow:

I would also like to say that it is so exciting watching the Kings actually win a game. It does not happen too often nowadays, post Gretzky era, so each win feels like a breath of fresh air. All-in-all, this game was a physical, high-scoring, high-intensity contest. If the Ducks were at their regular form, it probably would have been a land-slide, but that was not the case. The next game I will be covering will be when the Detroit Red Wings come to town on Monday, October 27th. I whole-heartedly expect the Kings to get massacred.

A couple additional videos:

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