All I can say is HOLY SHIT. The game that would never end, finally did. In yet another epic battle between the Chicago Bulls and the defending champion Boston Celtics, the game goes down to the wire, ending 128 - 127 in triple overtime. This was a must win for the Bulls to stay in the series, and now they send it back to the do-or-die game 7 in Boston this Saturday. The time of the game is still to be determined at the time of this article.

Ray Allen had a playoff career high with 51 points. Even though 29 of them came in the first half, he still hit some clutch shots when it mattered, especially in the second over time where he put up the Celtics last 5 points including the 3-pointer to tie it with 7.6 seconds left. Glen Davis also played a big game for the Celtics with 23 points, but more importantly, he had 6 offensive rebounds. This was the first game that the Bulls decided to take the ball out of Paul Pierce's hands when it mattered, by sending the second defender to crowd him and force him to get it to a teammate. That being said, he did have an opportunity to close out the game with 4.9 seconds left, but missed an uncontested jump shot that he makes with his eyes closed if it's in the Boston Garden.

What can I say about the Bulls? This team is playing with some ridiculous heart, and uncanny confidence. Brad Miller, who missed the crucial free throws in the last game to tie it with time expiring, came up HUGE when the Bulls seemed out of sync at the end of the fourth. Not only did he knock down a gigantic 3 at the end of regulation, but he also hit two free throws with 16.9 seconds left in the second over time, and another two with 28.3 seconds left in the final over time. John Salmons lead the way for the Bulls with 35 points, with many of them coming in the paint against Paul Pierce. When Salmons figured out Pierce had to defend him gingerly (he had 5 fouls), he just kept taking him off the dribble.

It's really tough to say what was the play of the game here. We have Salmons tying it up with 23.5 seconds left in regulation, and we also had Allen's huge 3-pointer to send it to triple over time. There were then two significant plays that sealed the deal for the Bulls: a Joakim Noah steal off of Paul Pierce, which lead to a dunk and a free throw, and then a Derrick Rose block off of Rajon Rondo to close out the game.

Whatever it might be that gave this victory to the Bulls, both teams played their hearts out and have this entire series. Game 7 will be memorable in this epic playoff battle.

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