You are not a lady when you act like a pigLADIES! (Although in truth, you certainly are not ladies when you act like pigs) WHAT IS WITH the pool of water in front and around the sink? What, pray tell, are you doing in there?! Do you just turn the water on and bathe your every pore in the effluvium of city water? Do you splash around in it, like a thirsty man would in a desert? I mean REALLY!

I was stuck watching a woman engage in a similar ritual and it took all of my strength to keep quiet. She turned on the sink, full blast, got her hands good and wet, then proceeded to hang them limply over the dry counter while locating the soap dispenser. She then pumped it 4 times too many, washes the hands and then rinsed indefinitely, deflecting water everywhere, then finally turned off the faucet with her soaked claw. While holding wet hands over the counter, she visually located the paper towels, SHOOK HER HANDS VIGOROUSLY over the sink and at the mirror, walked to the paper towels, dried and dropped the paper on the floor...

UGH!!!! SERIOUSLY! What kind of craziness causes this behavior?! Do they make pills for that kind of thing? Is it contagious? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of hygene!...but you don't have to make such a mess (and a bit ironic don't you think?)! Why do you insist that I exit the facilities with a big line of water and soap right across my crotch? Is it law? Must I be forever marked by your pools of filth? Didn't your mama teach you better etiquette? If you make a mess, clean it up! Public restroom or not, it's just courteous and sensible...really.

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