One of the perks and banes of journalism school is being forced to know what’s happening in the world. Through Redmanthatcould, I get my important porn news of the day, like this video that will most likely get you fired or make your neck feel really funny.

I subscribe to a zillion newspapers through my phone and also check out the Huffington Post semi-regularly. On top of that, since I’m on the magazine track, I get a bunch of magazines that have yet to be opened. Truthfully, I mostly cut out pictures and paste them on my walls, kindergarten style.

My teachers have also stressed the importance of getting news from a variety of sources. Apparently, there is more information out there than what CNN provides. In fact, there is a whole entire bizarro world of “news” called, and boys and girls, it’s an amazing sphere of published nonsense.

I found this article today while perusing the internet. It comes from "Hannity’s America."

Blast From the Past

A mystery billboard in Minnesota is turning heads along I-35 just outside the city of Wyoming. The massive sign shows the 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush waving at drivers as they pass by asking, "Miss Me Yet?"

But the real question on the minds of a lot of Minnesotans is: Who's behind this ad campaign and, frankly, whose side is that person on?

The general manager of the ad agency that leased the billboard told Minnesota Public Radio that it was "paid for by a group of small business owners who feel like Washington is against them. They wish to remain anonymous."

I think a lot of Americans all across the country have the answer to the question on that billboard: Yes, President Bush, we miss you. Come home.

Turns out, several websites confirm it is real, but the shocking revelation about this brief is that there are actual people out there who “miss” the former president.

The mystery behind the board however is whether it’s a jab at Bush or Obama. Hannity seems to think it’s the latter. This is the baffling part.

Since when did people suddenly forgive Bush for his idiocracy? Did I miss something? Has a year’s worth of Obama transgressions really been tantamount to nearly a decade of Bush-shit?

Can’t help but wonder if Bush’s sudden resurgence of popularity has anything to do with Rahm Emanuel’s “retard” snafu—say suggesting that retards should be treated better?