Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean Retains Her CrownI wasn't sure it was possible, but there's someone I hate more than Carrie Prejean--it's her mom, Francine. Billy Bush interviews the elder Prejean on his show where she calls Larry King a little wimp for being put in his place by her 22 year old daughter. Put in his place-- of course-- refers to when the beauty queen made headlines by refusing to answer Larry's questions about why she chose to settle her lawsuit with the Miss America pageant. Donning an eerie pageanty frozen smile, Carrie repeatedly told Larry he was being inappropriate with his questions regarding her settlement. She got so agitated, that she stopped talking altogether and began conversing with someone off screen. She would have left the interview too, if she had been able to figure out how to remove the microphone. Sadly, what the pundits say about her intelligence, seems all too true. At least now, we know where she gets it from.

Listen to Francine here.