We all have spent countless hours of our lives on one of these three sites and copy cats like them. They are the hottest thing since...since some other internet site that posted stories of your stupid friends.

Ha ha phones

FML is for those of you having a bad day and want reassurance that others are having it worse. FML went from funny unfortunate events to a pathetic pity party.  Textsfromlastnight is more for the web 2.0 crowd, who have moved on from drunk dials, to Shakespearean wit in 35 words or less. And finally My Life Is Average is the hilarious take on FML. Users submit stories about how normal and boring their lives are. The last two are funny and my personal favorites.

You have to be the stupidest person alive to believe half of them. These sites check their facts less then MSNBC and FOX combined. Some posts that make you think there is a small chance they aren't making this up. You know a guy or gal that might very well have broken into the back of a bar and tried to cook pasta. I know some classy people that have done things exactly like what is on those sites.

You shouldn't laugh but you do because it is completely anonymous. That is the greatest joy of these sites. No one knows who you are and how stupid or horrible you are. So you can be immortalized with all the other jerks of history, but you can walk down the street or even strike again.

I was thinking about these sites and how I could jump on the bandwagon and make some money. So here are some new ideas that should be made:

Skypes From Last Night: Making drunk dials visual. When you can't put down the tequila but can turn on the webcam. Comb your hair at least.

My Life Is Like A Judd Apatow Movie: The abbreviation is the best part of this joke.

I totally don't understand why my really hot gf, who wouldn't ever talk to me in reality, doesn't verbally spar with me about why Ewoks are gay. -MLISAJAM

Fanboy Texts From The Movie Line: Want to hear about the troubles of nerds waiting for their favorite movie to come out in the cold? Me neither but they run the internet:

(212) Dude I'm second in line to some asshole and his kid who wasn't even born when the original came out.

(817) Oh noes all my bottles are full and I need to pee.

Rich FML: Capitalizing on the wealthy 1 percent of Americans' troubles and woes. You will see posts like this:

Jenna got the same limited edition pink Mercedes as me. And I'm sure she is going to my husband about me and the pool boy. - RFML

3rd World FML: I know most don't have access to the Internet, but I think they have drama queens who need to bitch about their problems too:

Taktak stole the last grain of rice. Why wont my diaherria stop?-3rdWFML

We are all going to hell for this.

Oh come on Harry its not that bad.

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