I read the Emmy nomination list and saw that Battlestar Galactica, my favorite show, only got two nominations in it's terminal season - the best season next to the first. One of the nominations was for the web series Face of the Enemy, which was boring until you saw how it affected Gaeta. More to the point, this show was the highest rated SciFi show ever. Ron Moore, the show's creator, got nothing in his last season. He took the nerdiest, cultiest TV show, and made it into a great drama (but remained nerdy and culty). I was thinking the Emmy voters would Peter Jackson him for four seasons of greatness, but no. I am furious that a show of that magnitude and quality got out-shined in its twilight. It made Tricia Helfer's career as well as resurrecting Edward Jame Olmos from Stand and Deliver obscurity.

The Adama's disapprove of your shenanigans. And it's SciFi not SyFy!

The last episode of Battlestar was nominated, which it should be, because it will blow your mind. Then it will make you go:

Really? That's how it ends. Uh, well there goes five years of my life.

More importantly, watch the series now that it will all be on DVD, because you don't have to suffer through the almost year break between season 4 and season 4.5; I'm not going to ruin any thing that was left unanswered during that period.

When a great titan passes in any realm - be it TV, film, or the cult of celebrity (Michael Jackson) - there is a somber pause and reflection. I just believe that it is rare to even see a taped show any more, with all the reality shows, let alone a great one. Just think that According to Jim has had a longer run than Battlestar and none of you remembered it was still on. This show needs to be honored like so many other great space shows before it...okay maybe there weren't any, but still.

I want Battlestar's moment in the sun that it deserves, so at this years Emmy's, I'm calling for a full boycott, unless these demands are met:

  1. The show is hosted by the Admiral himself, with Colonel Tigh at his side.
  2. Lee Adama stops being such a whiney little baby and just goes with the next living non-angel/cylon female fleet member as his date. Who is, I dunno, Celix, I think?
  3. Tricia Helfer and Grace Park copies are the models who carry out the statues.
  4. Baltar wins all the male acting categories and sleeps with all the female winners.
  5. Cavel gets the lifetime achievement award for sleeping with his creator, who based him after her dad. Ew.

I picked five in honor of the final five (I know I'm a nerd). So when you watch the Emmy's remember, millions of Capricans died, so that House could be nominated for his billionth Emmy.

I'd like to see Tina Fey try to play multiple copies of herself in sexy outfits