Continuing the theme, I'd like to think that my vagina makes for interesting conversation. And the fact that my little ol' hot pocket always seems to find itself in some amazingly awkward situation or another, well, it kinda makes me believe that I'm sitting on a Super Hero with magestic powers. (Or, if you are one of my exes, a Super Villain.) Behold my most recent vagina adventurequest...

Mike: if i don't make menstruation jokes who will?
Mike: its creepy when women do it
Mike: because then shit gets real
Casey: well i guess i know to keep my mouth shut then
Casey: cause it's my shtick
Mike: it is?
Casey: usually
Casey: anything pertaining to a vulgar vulva story
Mike: well i don't wanna stand in the way of your shtick
Casey: that's what she said OH
Mike: so let's hear one
Casey: well they aren't really jokes
Casey: and then shit gets real
Casey: and then people get quiet
Mike: so make shit real
Casey: don't say you didn't ask for it
Casey: 1/4 of my tampon got stuck yesterday
Casey: and that shit won't come out
Casey: so i was SHAMED at target today searching for douche
Casey: i tried to walk by all swift like and just grab a box
Casey: but it's mixed in with the yeast infection treatment
Casey: so i'm like falling over, trying to pry a douche box out of the bottom shelf
Casey: when worlds hottest target shopper walks by
Casey: he almost asked if i needed help, but he glanced down at what my hands were clinging to
Casey: and then he shot a look at my horrified expression
Casey: so he turned around, his legs all twisted, and walked away as fast as he could
Casey: and i sat shamed in the feminine protection/incontinence aisle
Casey: alone
Mike: ...
Casey: exactly
Casey: crickets
Mike: no i was jerking off
Mike: but really that is pretty funny
Casey: it's pathetic
Mike: it's just one thing after another
Casey: but at least my newly polished nails match my bleeding vagina <333
vagina I love it mmmm baby

What kind of misadventure will my Super Hot Pocket find itself in next? Stay tuned!