You might be American if... 10.  When visiting a foreign household without a television, you can't help but ask "Where is your reality box?"

9. You don't think eating lunch after brunch is weird.

8. You start panicking when you see a roundabout.


7. You need to make a call to your therapist when you actually have to get out of your car to eat.

6. Your oven broke and you replaced it with a second microwave.

5. The last piece of fruit you touched was a month ago. And it was plastic.

4. When visiting an coffee bar in Rome, you're confused when the barista doesn't know how to make a frappucino.

3. You take up All-You-Can-Eat buffets on their word.

2. You talk about Ross and Rachel as if they are real people.

1. You bought a truck to drive up and down mountains like in the commercials...even though you live in the suburbs.

AuthorAustin Rafter
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