Burbank Airport.  Excellent for leaving quickly but not the most organized after landing. Maybe 10 terminals, but more likely, 7.  I go to retrieve my luggage post Vegas and encounter more sheep like pleeb morons (yes; this is their specific genus classification).  We are all accustomed to waiting like assholes around the great moving metal beast that spits out our luggage after dropping and chewing it many times (make-up and hair product be damned!)  Now I understand that we all need our luggage and that there aren't enough claims for us to surround them politely and each receive our bag without any fuss but SERIOUSLY FOLKS!  You expect courtesy?

When retrieving one's bags it's one of the last true "every man for himself" moments in contemporary society.  If you stand with your knees firmly locked and pressed against the beast waiting for your own luggage and expect not to receive a bruise here or there...then Darwin should have disposed of you years ago.

Did the Germans apologize on the beaches of Normandy?  No.  Did Ghengis Khan?  Will I?  NEVER!!!  Get out of my way!  If you stand in the line of fire, that's your own fault, but I need my bags and you are blocking them like every great mouth-breather before you.  Move, or feel the wrath of my luggage.  "excuse me?"...who do you think you're kidding?

Excuuuuuse yourself from the Gene-pool please!

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