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I'm spending the summer in Nepal -- doing stuff that's none of your business. I may die. I may live. It really depends on how good I am at sweet talking those pesky Maoists.  Seeing as I have never even been able to get out of speeding ticket, chances may be slim.

Currently, enjoying hour 8 of my 10 hour layover in Hong Kong, and I just had to share with you some of the amazing things I've been experiencing thus far.

1. It's 1000 degrees here. I am literally in a melting pot. And I am dead.  After being in the airport and in vehicles for close to fifteen hours, I longed to inhale real life air. Little did I know, that real life air here tastes like steaming hot B.O.

2. I visited a mall called Harbour City. It's HK's biggest mall boasting over 2 million sq feet of retail space. 2 million. This is great for someone who really dislikes shopping. I think it's the city's favorite hobby.  Needless to say, I was lost for about two hours...  I did find a bunch of Indian guys milling around the malls trying to hawk stuff. I dunno what... but they were targeting young girls that looked like me.  Anyone know what this is? Perhpas HK's version of selling star maps on Sunset?

3. There is a toilet restaurant called Modern Toilet where you sit on toilets and food is also served in toilet dishes. Oh yea, and if you get the ice cream, it looks like poo. As God is my witness, I am going to visit this place before I'm back in September.

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Picture 2 4. Also, am planning to visit the first modelled to scale Noah's Ark located in Ocean Park. Though, how does anyone know how big it was supposed to be?  People, Noah fit 2 of each animal on earth on that thing. I'm just sayin...

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5. HK is very foreigner friendly. Everyone speaks english (it's actually one of the official languages), and no one gropes you physically. Only with their eyes. It's kinda nice.

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