President Bush arrived in Baghdad on a surprise visit, and he got a lot more than he bargained for. Looks like Bush forgot that the rest of the world still hates him, because he looked relatively surprised when an Iraqi news reporter hurled his shoes at Bush during a press conference. If you thought Bush put away the coke, this video is clear proof he still goes skiing on the weekends - how else do you explain these reflexes?

When I discussed this with Fierce Pussy, she thought the guy hit the deck to look for more shoes to throw. Kind of like a call to action to all those news correspondents who are not really big on wearing their shoes home.

Who's got shoes they aren't using?

My other guess, assuming Bush is no longer playing with the nose candy, is that he didn't have his morning hooch. Keep that alcohol out of your system through the morning, and you really do stand a chance to avoid shoes being thrown at you in a ninja-esque style. But all bad jokes aside...where the fuck was the secret service? What if that dude had a battle axe instead of shoes? Were they consulting with 2Pac's security detail?

Anyhow...good for you, dude. That definitely took some balls - you might not have those balls for a lot longer, but at least you got your point across. Not saying I am for our president having shoes thrown at him, but I am for people doing what they believe in. Maybe he was expecting Bush to avoid those curve balls, and just wanted to get his big "fuck you" across. I wonder if he had something similar to this on his wall, leading up to the press conference:

Bush is Target Practice for the National Shoe Throwing Competition in Baghdad

I expect to see shoe throwing get the Olympic nod in 2010, and I've got my money on Iraq to take the gold.