We are at a crossroads in our nation’s history. Probably the biggest one since I’ve been alive and I can say with confidence that I’m excited. Now, don’t get the word excited confused with saying that all will be well. I just think that my eyes are open, and that the rest of my generation has begun to truly wake up from this slumber, to realize how much our elders screwed a few things up for us to fix. But don’t get that statement twisted either, because I appreciate every day that I live, and the sacrifices of those made before us, but regardless of your political affiliation, you know that something awry in the good ol US.

Today, in case you were sleeping under a rock for the last few months, was the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America. My main man, and international bad-ass, Barack Obama (I just got a correction cue in Microsoft Word on that name; bet your ass you’ll see that corrected in Windows 7). As for my thoughts on Barack Obama, as with any presidential candidate and winner, I look first on their facial expressions and the way they carry themselves. People have praised our new President with the way he speaks, and the fact that he has changed history, and that he is so well connected to his country through modern technology. But I think that what I like the most about this man, is that he keeps reminding us that this is a sobering time. It’s time for us to be vigilant as Americans, and stop “fuffing about”, as my Aussie friend Jessica would say.

He shows all of this in his facial expressions, that he is ecstatic, but somber. I stayed home from work today, just to watch the festivities. If you didn’t or did, but with a different eye, look and see what he’s doing when everyone else is laughing and partying. Most of the time, I felt like he is trying to say “Yes this is all grand. This pedestal I’ve been placed on, but we have work to do”. He knows he has come a long way, but more importantly, that he has MUCH farther to go than anyone really anticipates. He knows that the honeymoon will end eventually; and that when the dust settles he will be already off running towards the next goal.

I feel like I can relate to him (besides being such a handsome black man), in the fact that even in the face of much excitement, still being able to keep grounded and focused. I have looked a great deal of immensely proportioned situations in my life in the face, but been able to retain my resolve. I don’t know how I do it, and he probably doesn’t either. But the point is that we know that it someone has to do it.


I won’t even begin to start into the issue of the negative terms that he has been called, but I will say this next line, only because it has been repeated to me over the last eight years: If you really don’t like the way things are going in our country, then kindly get the fuck out of it. Everyone is a critic, and yes, we are quite aware that no president can give every promise to the people, but you have to read between the lines and see the person for what they truly stand for.

In a nutshell, I think that it’s time we “dust ourselves off” and become “ready to lead again” like our president asks of us. Being an African American myself, I am personally proud of our achievement, but I am still keeping my eyes on the prize, because at the end of the day, I’ll still have to be on the grind to get mine.

Barack Obama is not a superhero, he is simply what I wish all Americans to consider normal; a member of the most stalwart nation on the planet.

We the best!