Next Monday Xbox will be releasing an update to their Xbox 360 Dashboard that will allow users to download most 360 games as well as Xbox original games without having to go to the store. The 360 games won't be out the same day as they are in stores. All this begs the question, "How is the largest used game buyer and seller going to survive when all the game discs are gone?"

Those little avatars  could harm a fly let alone take down the might Game Stop.

As of now you get pretty much cheated on trading your games to Game Stop and EB Games because they need to make a profit. The new updates to the Xbox Dashboard might just be the first step in changing the gaming landscape. If this goes well maybe Sony and Nintendo will expand their online arcades to Microsoft's extent. You can't return purchases made on Xbox Live so if you really want a return on your investment buying the physical game will still be the way to go.

Xbox is making it more attractive however by allowing you to play the game off of their server. You don't have to have a massive hard drive to store all your games. They will instead be attached to your profile and your console. I for one, am over joyed at the thought of more Xbox original games being made available. Also a warning to Blockbuster. Netfilx users who have Xbox 360s now can browse from their console. Before you had to search for movies on your computer then you could watch it on your console.

Dinosaur? Or safe for now?

But can all this destroy Game Stop? No. At least it won't destroy Game Stop on Monday. Down the road when everything can be streamed in through the serious of tubes Game Stop will be one of the first to go. For now Game Stop still sells the same titles from the Live Arcade for cheaper and with that trade in possibility. This isn't a perfect end all be all upgrade. It will make you more lazy and more antisocial. If Microsoft was smart this would be coming out in May at the beginning of the summer instead of at the end.

Game Stop should take head of this development and begin figuring out what Game Fly has already done. Trade ins through the mail. It is a sad state of affairs when people only want to do business in their boxers at home, but that is where the money is.I think that it depends on how quickly Microsoft can get the new titles up on Live. If too much time goes by then retailers will have nothing to worry about. Game Stop  you have been warned.