Sweeping across the nation more than Obama-fever, gay sex, and bitching about the cataclysmic financial meltdown is the ostensibly growing and hilarious (at least on the internet) number of literal music videos-- featuring favorite artists such as Tears for Fears, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the internet's very own Rick Astley. Sometime last year or two years ago, a Seth Coheny dude from Pasadena (forgive the reference the "The OC," but dude, that boy was irresistible) named Dusto McNeato created the first literal music video, which is basically an actual music video from a well known band, but remastered to new, original lyrics--- that actually narrate what's happening in the video.  A literal story telling, if you may.

The result-- Ummm... hilarity. Absolute brilliant hilarity. Meaning, you'll probably watch it a dozen times--not only because you're really bored at work, but because you'll catch new things every time you watch it. The best part? You can sing along--karaoke style!

The first literal music video was Dusto's Take On Me by A-ha. Yep, that song where the girl jumps into the comic, and all these crazy shenanigans ensue!  It was so shenanigous, that Family Guy did a semi-amusing spoof of it in an episode.  But now, you can enjoy the real life story, literally.

With lyrics like, "There going to beat you up with that pipe wrench...I'm going to kick some ass with my own pipe wrench." (cuz that's what randomly happening in the video!)

Dusto's spot on impression of Morten Harket make the whole song kinda greater than the original.

Dusto sophomore debut was Tears for Fears, Head Over Heelswhich is probably the most bizarre video ever made.  It makes references to a Dave Coulier doppelganger, monkeys, and a magic chair, which all eerily appear in the video for no good reason.

Because of Dusto's incredible success-- his "Take On Me" boats over 2 million hits-- there have been many who have endeavored to follow in his footsteps, and try their hand in the literal music market. Sadly, most of litter of plagiarists have disappointed with their pathetic remakes of classic music videos.  Perhaps, Copyright Hater's rendition of the famous Rick Roll video deserves an honorable mention.

Though Rick's voice is a bit high pitched- albeit adorably so- his lyrics are both effortlessly cutting and witty-- making hilarious references to Spiderman, Michael J Fox's Parkinson's Disease, and a sad blind girl, who finally meets her blind soul mate at the song's denouement. Perhaps, Dusto has finally met his lyrical soul mate.

Ain't it cool how technology can "literally" change everything?